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This article contains lore that's exclusive to Dota: Dragon's Blood and may not be canon with the main continuity

Dragon Knight (Dragon's Blood)
Davion DK Anime
Names Davi
Origin/Abode Dragon Hold (current)
Family/Connections Kaden (father)
20px|link=Lina/Dragon's Blood|class=noprint Lina (cousin)
Davion of Dragon Hold Elder Dragon Form icon Slyrâk (origin)
Age 21 y.o. (as of Book 1[1])
Race/Species Ember-blooded human
Faction/s Dragon Clan
Dragon Knights
Associated With
Heroes Crystal Maiden minimap icon Crystal Maiden
20px|link=Invoker/Dragon's Blood|class=noprint Invoker
Marci minimap icon Marci
20px|link=Mirana/Dragon's Blood|class=noprint Miranǎ
20px|link=Terrorblade/Dragon's Blood|class=noprint Terrorblade
20px|link=Winter Wyvern/Dragon's Blood|class=noprint Winter Wyvern
Races Eldwurms
Places Barrowhaven
Dragon Knights' Redoubt
The Dream
Helio Imperium
Invoker's Tower
Lina's Estate
Gods Mene
Characters Bram
Artifacts Eye of the Worldwyrm
Resources Dragon's Fire Whiskey
Radiant Ore

Davion DK Anime
Slyvion, the intermediate form between Slyrak and Davion

Davion DK Anime
Hybrion, a fusion consisting of Davion and multiple Eldwurms

I won't run from a fight. Even this one. My name means something to me, to my brothers in Dragon Hold. Dishonoring myself dishonors them.
Davion's stubborn grip to his code of honor

We either help people or we don't. There is no ledger.
Davion on the cost of doing good

I used to think my name was the most important thing in the world. Now I know it's how I'm remembered that matters, and who remembers me.
Davion on what truly matters to him

Crazy, stupid... Here we go.
Davion in the face of danger and uncertainty

So, you're saying it's fine if she dies because we'll still get what we want somehow? No. What's the point of doing all this if none of us fucking matter? Flesh isn't ephemeral. Flesh is essential. Life has meaning because it's short. Because we're vulnerable, because we hurt. When we're gone, we're gone forever. It is why we fight. It's why I fight.

Davion Dragon Knight Dota: Dragon's Blood

In Dota: Dragon's Blood[]

Book 1[]

What The Thunder Said[]

Princess of Nothing[]

Neverwhere Land[]

The Monster at the End of This Book[]

The Fire Sermon[]

The Knight, Death and the Devil[]

Speak the Words[]

A Game of Chess[]

Book 2[]

Nothing with Nothing[]

My Sword, My Life[]

The Lady of Situations[]

Desolate and Empty the Sea[]

The Burial of the Dead[]

The Hyacinth Girl[]

The Violet Hour[]

Unreal City[]

Book 3[]

The Wind Under the Door[]

Hell of Hells[]

The Hanged Man[]

Summons of the Ideal[]

Twelve Thousand, Four Hundred and Three[]


Consider Phlebas[]

Personality and Mannerisms[]


Dragon Knights[]




  • Mirana is Davion's closest ally until they fell in love and later bear a young baby after his passing.


Other Characteristics[]





  1. Tweet by @ashmasterzero “I have to dig up my timeline to verify but as of Book 1, chapter 1, Luna is roughly 35, Mirana is 23, Davion is definitely 21, Marci is probably 22”