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Dragon Clan (Dragon's Blood)
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Heroes Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden
Davion of Dragon Hold Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Davion
Lina minimap icon.png Lina
Races Dragons
Factions Dragon Knights
Characters Father

Dragon Clan is an ancient faction exclusive to the series of Dota: Dragon's Blood.


Based on its few known members, the Dragon Clan consists of humans (and possibly other mortal beings) who possess traits of a specific dragon type in their blood. From this draconic heritage, these people source draconic strength, regeneration, and elemental or fundamental power akin to the dragon type it is sourced from.[1]

Dragon Clan Anatomy Anime.png

Ember dragon features on a human skull. Ouch.

Members of Dragon Clan can manifest dragon features in different ways. Some may shapeshift their body to manifest physical features belonging to their respective dragon type. Others may have powers over the four elements of nature or the four fundamental forces, once again depending on their dragon type.

The blood of a dragon flows through their veins, imbuing them with draconic strength and regeneration. Its potency can also cure injuries such as the chronic paralysis on Father's left hand.[2]

Father after his transformation via Davion's ember dragon blood

Ingesting the blood of a Dragon Clan member transmits the donor's draconic strength to its recipient. However, as shown by Father's experiment, this has a harmful effect. When he drank Davion's blood, he began screaming out of pain from his transformation and recalled visions of a lifeless ember dragons and his research on them—possibly correlated to the donor who happens to be an ember dragon type. Emanating smoke from his body, he grew a bit larger and began to manifest sharp teeth, red scales, and eyes like that of an ember dragon's. The process cured his left hand, but its effects wore off and he returned to his normal body, but this time, he was weakened. Father appeared to be on the verge of dying if he did not consume more of that stuff.

It's possible that all of this happened because Father tampered with the blood, seeing how he mentioned earlier that he transformed the blood.[2] Or perhaps it had nothing to do with that and its harmful effects to non-dragons would happen anyway.

Notable Members[]


After studying Davion of Dragon Hold Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Davion's "curse" through Kaden's experience with its capabilities, as well as performing bloody and painful experiments on Davion, Father speculated that Davion is a member of the Dragon Clan. He believed it to be so because Davion's power is similar to that of a Dragon Clan member's power. He also states that Davion and Slyrak are one and the same and they are permanently bonded together.[1] Slyrak confirms this former statement when he explains that he and Davion are at one with each other.[3] He shares this connection to Slyrak with Lina, another person who is an aspect of Slyrak as well.[4]

Father states that Lina minimap icon.png Lina possesses features of an ember dragon, adding that the draconic side of her being makes up most of it than her human side.[1] This is confirmed when Slyrak reveals to her that, in his point of view, she isn't a distinct individual but rather a part of the whole that is him—naught but a tiny extension of his embodiment,[5] including his spirit.[6] To those who are also derived from Slyrak, she feels a strong relationship with these people, such as Davion.[4]

According to Father, Rylai the Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden possesses some features of a water dragon.[1] This dragon heritage is the source of her ice powers.



Knowledge and beliefs about Dragon Clan is considered to be heretical among the Dragon Knights order. Despite this, Father has books about this ancient faction of draconic people. He knows quite a lot about the faction and may have secretly studied the clan's capabilities to enhance his Order's power and finally cure the injury on his left hand that rendered him unfit to fight or wield any sort of dragonslaying weapon.[1][2] Rylai is one of the few people who knows his belief in Dragon Clan, which led to her meeting Kaden.[7]

Speaking of Kaden, he may have some knowledge of the Dragon Clan. He somehow knew that Davion was possessed by Slyrak and called the condition a "curse", not knowing the true nature of Davion.

Dragons and Eldwurms[]

Dragon's Clan relationship with the dragons goes far beyond their flesh and blood. Because they're the cousins of a certain dragon type, and dragons are the physical body parts of an Eldwurm, they are also the aspects of their respective Eldwurm's embodiment. Unlike their Dragon cousins, however, members of Dragon Clan have a spirit and a mind, but these stuffs do not belong to them, these essences belong to their respective Eldwurms. All in all, they are smaller parts of an Eldwurm's body, soul, and mind.

An example of this connection is Lina and Slyrak. Lina is a part of Slyrak's vast embodiment because she has a part of the latter's vast spirit—the "ember soul" as Slyrak calls it. Her soul, the very essence of the fire element, and her mind actually belongs to Slyrak, yet she has her own will separate from him.[5][6]


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