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This is a short guideline on how to edit Dota 2 Wiki's hero guides and counters. Use Sniper/Guide and Bloodseeker/Counters as models if you are unsure of formatting.


  • Please be relatively fluent in English.
  • Use Edit Source instead of Edit; it's easier.
  • Use a new line for every tip/fact (point form).
  • Be as concise as possible (short sentences).
  • Only add tips/counters that are commonly accepted and practiced. These pages are not for theorycrafting or cheesy strategies.
  • Always use the word ability instead of "spell", "skill", "ulti", etc. This is Valve's standard.
  • State a reason for each hero when adding counters or your edit may be reverted.
  • Use template code for hero, ability and item names that do not reference the hero being written about:
    • For example: When editing the guide or counters page for Pudge, do not use templates for "Pudge" or "Meat Hook".
    • Names of heroes, abilities, and items must be 100% exact in terms of capitalization and spaces.
Code Shows
{{I|Clarity}} Clarity icon.png Clarity
{{H|Axe}} Axe minimap icon.png Axe
{{A|Culling Blade|Axe}} Culling Blade


  • Do not use abbreviations or shorthand.
  • Do not capitalize the word "hero", "item", or "ability."
  • Do not add tips that apply to every hero/circumstance. Only add strategies that interact in a unique way with that hero.
    • For example: Don't write that Silencer minimap icon.png Silencer counters a hero just because he can silence that hero. Silencer can silence every hero.
  • Simply describing what an ability or item does is not a tip. Do not add things like this.
    • NoN BAD TIP: Dazzle minimap icon.png Dazzle's Shallow Grave keeps Necrophos alive longer.
    • YesY GOOD TIP: Dazzle minimap icon.png Dazzle's Shallow Grave keeps Necrophos alive longer, letting him deal more damage with Heartstopper Aura, and giving him more time to heal himself with Death Pulse's low cooldown.

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