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Remove Shiva's Guard icon.png Shiva's Guard from Intelligence support heroes[]

I notice a lot of support heroes' item build page has Shiva's Guard icon.png Shiva's Guard including Keeper of the Light minimap icon.png Keeper of the Light,Ancient Apparition minimap icon.png Ancient Apparition,Bane minimap icon.png Bane,Witch Doctor minimap icon.png Witch DoctorWarlock minimap icon.png Warlock,Disruptor minimap icon.png Disruptor,Chen minimap icon.png Chen,Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden,Jakiro minimap icon.png Jakiro,Grimstroke minimap icon.png Grimstroke,Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle,Silencer minimap icon.png Silencer,Shadow Shaman minimap icon.png Shadow Shaman. However,

  • Those hero are generally considered to be supports
  • Shiva's Guard icon.png Shiva's Guard is too luxury for support role, only super toxic support can build it
  • low build rate in both pub and pro games(most of them has less than 0.1% build rate)
  • They are ranged and have ranged abilities, they usually will not get too close to enemy(Hard to active Shiva's ability)
  • even they build it, their survivability still a problem.
  • There are always better items for them to build
  • And build such expensive item, buyback gold will increase about 400.
  • Slow effort does not that obvious.

I think we should remove Shiva's Guard icon.png Shiva's Guard from all of them. Should I do that? I am no so sure. --神乐坂桐樱 (talk) 21:42, 16 March 2019 (UTC)

The suggestion is stupid and only valid at the time it was posted. For some patchs when armor is good, shiva's guard would be really nice. The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) • (contribs) • Please sign your posts with ~~~~
Two years has passed, and I never saw Shiva's guard built by any pro support. It's a possible build, but impractical. I will just remove them to reduce info clutter. Shenlebantongying 16:45, 21 June 2022 (UTC)

The Future of eSports pages[]

Since no one reads/updates the tournament pages anymore, I'm gonna remove Tournaments box from the front page, and the Competitive Scene icon on top will eventually be replaced by a Lore icon. The International will still be covered with a page + big banner each year. If no one has any objections, I'll be doing this soon. - Lemoncake(talk) 13:55, 17 February 2019 (UTC)

How about add some kind of redirection or notice to as that wiki mainly focus on the tournaments, teams and players.Maybe like the redirection in Perfect World to the wikipedia. It looks like the wiki-writers who cares tournaments prefer to update the information on the Liquidpedia. And maybe the users also prefer to check the results from Liquidpedia. --神乐坂桐樱 (talk) 20:14, 11 March 2019 (UTC)

Or maybe we only save the pages for the most important tournaments(for example: the international of each years), the current active teams who join the majors and the TIs. And clean up/delete the information on the old majors(No one will read them) and disbanded teams (There are better places to check those things). And give brief information on the Dota2 Pro Circuits of current year and maybe previous years. We obviously don't have enough writers to update them, but we can simply record the most important events on the history of Dota2 Tournaments. For interested new players, they can check this page to understand how the Dota2 esport works nowdays and get to know the famous teams or players that are discussed frequently by the dota2 community. When I was a new player, I want to check some pro-game videos and I indeed suck due to the long history of dota community. I was hoping someone can give me some advice which team or tournaments I should follow. I finally know the TIs and Dota2 Pro Circuits are the most important ones. --神乐坂桐樱 (talk) 21:48, 11 March 2019 (UTC)

This site's owners probably don't want us linking to a competitor site. As for the rest, we've never had anyone who can consistently update the esports stuff for more than a few months, the Competitive Scene page has only been updated like twice in two years, so I really doubt this will change. I don't watch esports but I'll still do a TI page each year, but the rest is just not worth the time. - Lemoncake(talk) 22:43, 11 March 2019 (UTC)

Problems with the Break Page[]

Hey there, the page of 'Break' is currently broken.

Attempting to make any edit, even writing 'test' in a body of text will cause the tables in the new version of the page to be broken.

There is currently some lua errors in one of the tables lower down.

I wanted to propose the following updates to the page:

Include Naga Siren's new riptide passive.

Update the following catagories on the abilities section:

1: Borrowed Time, Starstorm, Death Pulse, Shadow Dance, Berserker's Rage, Nether Swap, Counterspell, Retaliate, Blur, Take Aim

2: Marksmanship

10: Essence Shift

11: Atrophy Aura

12: Curse of Avernus

2 Both passive components of Marksmanship are disabled by Break (including the splinter arrows granted by Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter). Marksmanship's particle effects still visually react on enemy presence.

10 Essence Shift still grants permanent bonuses on kill conditions when disabled.

11 Atrophy Aura does not grant permanent bonuses on kill conditions when disabled.

12 The debuff of Curse of Avernus does not grant ally attackers an attack speed buff when Abaddon is affected by Break.

If anyone could help me with this, I would be grateful.

Kind regards,


PS: There is also a lua error on the 'Cyclone' page, just noticed.

I made your edit for you, everything looks fine to me - Lemoncake(talk) 03:21, 22 April 2019 (UTC)

Switching from Slack to Discord[]

FANDOM and Gamepedia are switching the community chat from Slack to Discord. Questions and discussions should go on Discord in the future.

The preceding unsigned comment was added by Lemoncream (talk) • (contribs) 05:17, 11 May 2019‎ • Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Your current discord invite link for the Dota 2 discord is a message link -not an invite link- and is possibly pointing to a channel which is locked to newcomers. I can not see this however, as I am currently at my 100 discord limit.
Pcj has created a valid invite link:
In the future, you should use 'Create invite link' and under 'Edit invite link' at the bottom of the overlay, choose 'Never Expires' and 'No Limit' on uses. TheLOLxd2 (talk) 12:32, 11 May 2019 (UTC)


My idea is, to create a REST API using the huge database that DotA Wiki has, with authentication, no insertion in this API, just fetch. This would help many developers that want to create an app or anything about dota. I found out that valve itself has an API but it only returns players info, just like that is in dotabuff. Also there is OpenDotA but is similar to valve's API. I hope anyone agree with me and can help in this project :D Thanks... The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) • (contribs) • Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Most information on this wiki can already be queried through the cargoquery api action. For example, you could retrieve a list of hero names through a query such as --

Health regeneration table[]

Returns SQL error as field bonus_health_regeneration_flat does not exist in cargo__items. Error report also asks if "updater" has been run. I can't fix that one myself. LeftHandedPlayerGaming (talk) 08:17, 7 July 2020 (UTC)

Slardar ability build clarification[]

I've noticed that currently Slardar is being played mostly as an offlaner and sometimes as a carry, and not necessarily so as a roamer anymore ever since his Slithereen Crush's stun got nerfed and his chain stunning capacity mostly moved to the bash. Because of this I've seen and been recommended a level 1 point in Bash of The Deep more often than not and an occasional first max of the skill, and this is why I'd like to see more experienced Slardar players revise the two skill builds on the hero's Strategy page. Thank you.

i think we should add that phoenix can pick up items while ultimate is active[]

any other hero that can do that? anyone have time to try?

Enigma Responses typo[]

In the Ability section of Enigma Responses it states Edilons instead of Eidolons

This has been fixed. See diff here: Special:Diff/2088619
- Icebytes (talk) 06:01, 24 March 2021 (UTC)

DOTA Dragon's Blood Eldwurm renders[]

Hello guys, I've been checking the Studio Mir twitter page for full body pictures of characters and Eldwurms that we can use as renders. I've been using Photoshop to cut them out into png renders but lately I haven't gotten any good results. I'm bad at Photoshop, so my renders end up missing pixels and possess jagged edges of pixels along the render. If anyone's good at cutting out pics and making them into smooth hi quality renders, please let me know. I'll post the base pictures that I tried to make into renders here. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) • (contribs) • Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Use Select Subject in Photoshop and then manually edit minor errors. Can use remove(.)bg to do the same thing online. (talk) 16:25, 23 April 2021 (UTC)

Create an Aghs Shard & Aghs Scepter section for each hero[]

Right now it's very difficult to see what the aghs scepter and aghs shard does for each individual hero. I find it way easier at a glance to see what shard/scepter does for each hero while in-game. A section (sort of like the talent tree section) for aghs shard and aghs scepter would be great. The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) • (contribs) • Please sign your posts with ~~~~

This is something that's on my to-do list, I'll get to it eventually. ~~ Bu3ny (Talk)

new crit mechanism[]

Is there any ways to figure out how N of crit function in new crit mechanism?

In other words, let's call the higher crit A, and the lower crit B. If A succeed, the N of B:

1) plus one. 2) do nothing. 3) return to zero.

--Elite stay (talk) 16:11, 31 August 2021 (UTC)

Should be 2. Once a crit triggers, other crits don't roll on that attack. ~~ Bu3ny (Talk) 23:38, 31 August 2021 (UTC)

How to add pages to dropdown menu[]

There's a collapsible menu at the bottom of any page that contains stuff like related pages (ex. characters in lore, hero sets, etc.) and I want to know how to add a new page to it. Thanks. Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 15:37, 15 September 2021 (UTC)

Do you mean the nav boxes? The lore nav boxes automatically add new content, based on what you put in the lore infobox. For example Tidemarsh is listed in the world lore navbox. ~~ Bu3ny (Talk)
Yes, but the page for Elementals doesn't show up on other related pages' nav boxes. It does show up on its own page though. Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 04:15, 16 September 2021 (UTC)
It shows up on all pages the navbox links to. If it doesn't for you, then that's a caching thing, so purging the pages should make the link appear for you, too. ~~ Bu3ny (Talk)
Oh okay, it worked out when I did the purge thing. Thanks! Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 11:53, 16 September 2021 (UTC)

Lore pages of Wraith King and Skeleton King[]

With the large lore dump from the Skeleton King arcana and a bit of untouched lore from the Archronicus, should its lore go to Skeleton King's page or Wraith King's? (even if they're just the same person) Because the former is a memorial page now and I don't know if that means I should keep it untouched or something. Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 10:01, 21 September 2021 (UTC)

Juggernaut lettering on his equipments[]

Hello All. I have been lurking here for a while and I have been seeing some unnecessary texts on some of the hero's equipement pages. Particularly on the equipment and the recent changes tab. It seems just minor details but I think it would be good to see some clean texts.

I was going to edit it but it's hard as it is programmed by a source. I am not by no means any computer programmer on HTMLs and sources, but I am willing to see any irregularities on the wiki. Anyway, I am proud of the people to contributed this wiki site and updated it regularly. Kudos! - The preceding unsigned comment was added by Emangination9 (talk) • (contribs) • Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Hey! It's sometimes hard to find the page where the info is actually written, but the editing itself is somewhat straight forward. Could you give a solid example what string you want to edit? Something along "Jagged Honor" on Juggernaut/Equipment should actually be written as "Jagged Honour". Molldust (talk) 09:40, 11 January 2022 (UTC)

Hey! Well, what I meant was the Juggernaut's cosmetic tab box was cluttered with HTML texts and unnecessary overlapping codes. But has been updated now and seems seamless to read. I love the fast response of the people here.

Thank you wonderful people the page has been updated without cluttering text.The preceding unsigned comment was added by Emangination9 (talk) • (contribs) • Please sign your posts with ~~~~

It's a known caching bug that occasionally appears sometimes, purging or null editing page usually helps. Medoke 10:28, 13 January 2022 (UTC)

Something for Dragon's Blood pages[]

So I want to add this bar thing that appears on the top of the page that says "This article contains spoilers about Dota: Dragon's Blood" on DBD pages except it's about the canonicity of the animated series. It would say "This article contains lore that's exclusive to Dota: Dragon's Blood and may not be canon with the main continuity" or something like that. The picture will be Davion of Dragon Hold's Dragon Blood icon and the voiceline that plays is ▶️ "I don't feel right about this...". There's also a link to a page that I'll make soon enough in the future which contains the reasoning on why DB isn't canon to Dota 2 lore. Maybe something like the Half-Life wiki's retcon page or canon page.

So how do I do that? Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 08:43, 12 February 2022 (UTC)

Template:DBD I created a template according to your description, feel free to edit the template. Molldust (talk) 15:01, 12 February 2022 (UTC)
Thanks. Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 15:25, 12 February 2022 (UTC)

Help for Dragon's Blood pages[]

I want to make something like this for DB pages. For instance, I'm about to post the anime version of Dragon Clan and I want its link to appear enclosed in parenthesis, right next to the original Dragon Clan page in the Lore nav for factions. How do I do that? Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 10:04, 21 February 2022 (UTC)

For page links with parenthesis, those are manually inserted into the Nav, see {{ItemNav}}. Or you could just use link2= for the anime versions. Irismus (talk)

Broodmothers strategy page is almost a year out of date[]

Hopefully this is the right place to say this; Broodmothers guide is very outdated. It calls insatiable Hunger her ultimate and claims that you can unlock Spawn Spinderlings at level 2 which implies that the ability is not her ultimate. The guide also mentions the passive Incapacitating Bite that was removed in Version 7.29 almost a year ago.

How to access new hero/persona/arcana models and assets from their in-game debut?[]

Asking this because Kidvoker's intro has a model for a banner that has Ultimyr Academy's logo on it, should be extremely useful for lore pages. — Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 10:15, 7 April 2022 (UTC)

Do you have the workshop tools installed? ~~ Bu3ny (Talk)
No, but I'm installing them now. What do I do with the tools? Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 18:16, 7 April 2022 (UTC)
When you start it, click on "launch item tools", this should start the client, but also a small extra window, the "workshop manager". On it, there is a row of buttons above the "create new item" button, click on the last one, with the magnefying glass, it opens that asset browser.
and THAT browser contains pretty much every model, texture, sound file, particle effect, map file, and some more things I'm probably forgetting now. just search for whatever you need there.
For the invoker model you are looking for, search for "invoker debut vmdl" ~~ Bu3ny (Talk)
Okay, many thanks. Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 19:22, 7 April 2022 (UTC)
I can't seem to open whatever comes after clicking "launch item tools" for some reason, because instead of doing what you said, it simply opens the Dota 2 game client in a smaller resolution. I tried searching for solutions to my problem but it seems I am the only one who has this. How do I fix "launch item tools" opening the game instead of the workshop? Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 07:54, 9 April 2022 (UTC)
Yes that's normal, it is supposed to start the game, it doesn't work without it. But it should also start another small window named "Workshop Manager". ~~ Bu3ny (Talk)
One last question, how do I turn the VMAT texture files into PNG pictures and is it possible to get screenshots of 3D models without the grid plane thingy obstructing the model? Or do I hide the grid plane thing for the 3D models and just screenshot then cut it into a PNG? Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 15:15, 10 April 2022 (UTC)
I don't think vmats can simply be converted. The easiest option is to take screenshots. The vmat editor uses a sphere by default, but you can change to a plane at the bottom left corner. As for the grid, you can toggle that off in the model viewer. Just play around with the buttons you see there, don't worry you can't break anything there. ~~ Bu3ny (Talk)
Got it. Thanks. Ecstasy Amphetamine (talk) 19:16, 10 April 2022 (UTC)