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A game of Dota 2 is a long, enduring, co-operative experience; which often provides great action, emotions, turn-arounds, and is never completely over until the ancient drops. Unfortunately, some games of Dota 2 also become a test of thick-skin, when a team cannot hold their own in a match; Dota 2 Wiki’s commandments of friendly play are simple behaviours you can employ that will generally improve the friendliness and fun you’ll experience in games, even if you’re losing.

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  1. Commend fun teammates, or generally friendly people; let the game know they’re good guys.
  2. Report any problematic players, to help the game stomp out bad behaviour.
  3. Praise players regularly, and on noticeably favourable situations.
  4. Console bad outcomes to maintain moral. “Good try, unlucky though”, “Good attempt, let’s reset”.
  5. Be courteous. Games are long and require focus, however interruptions can occur for a variety of reasons; if a player has paused then they deem their interruption important enough to warrant the pause - be courteous and allow that player their pause.
  6. Never pass blame. Dota 2 is a team game, as such negative outcomes must be endured as a team - singling out a player and dumping all the responsibility on that player only weighs them down and decreases the team’s morale.
  7. Never give up. If your ancient is alive, you have a chance - Dota 2 is won by capitalising on opponents mistakes, always have your eyes open to catch those mistakes.
  8. Never trash-talk your opponents. It's not friendly.
  9. End it. Losing is generally not a pleasant experience; if you know you can win a game then do so - end the opponent's misery.