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Dota 2 Reborn

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Dota 2 Reborn is an overhaul to the Dota 2 game system. It adds the custom games function, a new game interface, improved social and DotaTV features, as well as transitioning the game to the Source 2 engine.

Open beta testing for Dota 2 Reborn started on June 17, 2015. Dota 2 Reborn was released with the September 09, 2015 Patch Update 2.


Custom Games[]

Main Article: Custom Games
  • Added support for custom games.
  • Custom games can be joined through the lobby, or through the automatic matching system.
  • Supports community voting.
  • Supports highlighting for popular, favorites, and suggested games.
  • Supports regular spectating.

Dota 2 Workshop Tools[]

Main Article: Workshop Tools
  • Allows the community to design custom maps and game modes.
  • Includes model editor.
  • Includes materials editor (textures and shading)
  • Includes particles editor.
  • Supports Hammer tile editor.
  • Supports Panorama for UI development.
  • Supports Lua scripting.


  • Renovated dashboard.
  • Added new default loading screen.
  • Public lobby games can now be seen and joined by all players.
  • Added individual hero statistics, including hero-specific matchmaking ratings.
  • Added playstyle graph.

Hero browser[]

  • Redesigned.
    • Added filtering for Melee and Ranged.
    • Added tiered filtering for Carries and Supports.

Demo Hero[]

  • Added Demo Hero function:
    • In-game sandbox to practice last hitting and hero abilities.
    • Allows players to preview all cosmetic items.


  • Added party voice chat outside of games.
  • Added party management function.
  • Added party beacon function, allowing players to display their status.
  • Added miniprofile for Steam friends.
  • Added activity feed for Steam friends.
  • Added in-game whispering function.
  • Added multiple conversations function.
  • Increased chat room sizes from 1,000 to 5,000.


  • Added tournament matches and friends' matches to the list of ongoing games.
  • Added detailed statistics and minimap preview of ongoing games.
  • Added 1080px streaming.
  • Added in-game statistics and graphs.
  • Added in-game access to third-party streaming.
  • Added bookmark function to replays.
  • Added highlighting for popular replays and friends' replays.
  • Added replay sharing and discussion functions.


  • Added Guided Bot Matches.
    • In-game captioning guides newer players with tips and advice.
  • Removed several old tutorial missions.
  • Removed the World Map.

Source 2 Engine[]

  • Lower latency and more responsive input.
  • Added tiled map system, allowing players to play together while using different custom map terrains.
  • Increased performance limit to take advantage of higher end hardware.
    • Improved streaming capabilities.
  • Improved audio and voice processing.
  • Improved rendering capabilities.
  • Added new physics and cloth simulation engines.
  • Added native support for OpenGL.
  • Added Mac and Linux clients.


  • Game map has been slightly changed.
  • Added new music.
  • Improved networking.
    • New network backbone.
    • Improved connections.
    • DDOS protection.
  • Source filmmaker.
    • Direct integration with workshop tools.
    • Added replay editing.

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