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Management:Njaal "Neil" Mathisen
Shannon "SUNSfan" Scotten
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DotaCinema is a website that focuses on providing a large variation of Dota 2 videos, featuring both user-submitted clips, as well as internally made content.


Regular Content[]

Dota 2 Reporter: A comedic animation series about a news reporter discussing the events of a game of Dota, while interacting with a chosen team. The series makes references to Dota gameplay and the public matchmaking experience. The series is uploaded in seasons, with every second episode being released on the creator's channel, Wronchi Animation.

Fails: Short minute-long clips showcasing a single fail or funny moment without commentary.

Fails of the Week: Similar to Top 10 Weekly, these videos are a weekly compilation of user-submitted clips. Rather than showing impressive clips, however, this series displays players making often humorous or otherwise unfortunate mistakes. This series is also narrated by DotaCinema narrators SUNSfan and Reaves, rather than having an audio track.

Headshot: Video series showcasing skill shots without commentary. Created by W200me.

Symphony of Skill: Video series showcasing team synergy without commentary. Created by W200me.

Symphony of Fails: Video series showcasing multiple failures in a single clip without commentary. Created by W200me.

Workshop Top 5: A weekly video series intended to bring creators as well as the Workshop more exposure by more showing off items submitted to the Steam Workshop. Narrated by SUNSfan.

Irregular Content[]

A-Z Dual Lane Challenge: Video series of SUNSfan and SyndereN playing a game of Dota while laning together while picking heroes adjacent to each other in the alphabet. The game is recorded from SUNSfan's perspective. But before, during, or after the XMG Captains Draft 2.0, where XMG give SyndereN a powerful laptop to do both recording and playing, the games before, during or after the XMG Captain's Draft 2.0 is recorded from SyndereN's perspective.

Chest Opening: Videos of SUNSfan opening newly released chests during his livestream, while giving away some items to livestream viewers.

Guides: Guides intended to help the audience play more effectively. These guides focus on either on single hero, or a single mechanic. Narrated by SUNSfan.

Hero Spotlights: A series of videos intended to demonstrate heroes and their abilities. Narrated by SUNSfan.

Patch Analysis: These videos are created in response to balance changes, where SUNSfan and SyndereN discuss their opinions on the effects of the changes in both pub games as well as the professional scene.

Top 10 Weekly: A weekly compilation of user-submitted clips displaying impressive "plays". Clips are ranked from 10 to 1. Typically, the song "Truth be Known" by Atlas Plug is used as an audio track.