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This article or section contains content that has been removed from the game or store, or has never been released. It exists solely for archival purposes.

Devour (Pre 7.20)[]

Devour (Pre 7.20)
Devour icon.png
Enemy Units
Consumes an enemy or neutral creep, acquiring any special abilities that it possessed.
Cast Animation: 0.3+0.93
Cast Range: 300
Gold Bonus: 25/50/75/100 (Talent 175/200/225/250)
Creep Health per Second: 20
Cooldown: 70/60/50/40
Mana: 40/50/60/70
Lucifer's appetite and greed are never sated.


  • This ability got reworked into the current Devour in the 7.20 gameplay patch.
  • The targeted creep is instantly killed, granting its bounty and experience like a regular last hit.
  • Can only gain abilities from neutral creeps. Abilities are gained instantly upon devouring the creep.
    • The abilities use the original cast point of the neutral creeps they come from.
    • However, the cast backswing differs depending on the spell (see chart).
    • Abilities from neutral creeps are kept permanently, even through death, until another neutral creep with abilities is devoured.
    • Devouring a creep with no abilities does not remove the already acquired abilities.
    • When devouring Ancient Black Dragon icon.png Ancient Black Dragons, Doom gets Fireball and Splash Attack, but not Dragonhide Aura.
    • When devouring Ancient Thunderhide icon.png Ancient Thunderhides, Doom gets Frenzy and War Drums Aura, but not Slam.
  • Places a debuff on Doom, which lasts 1 second per 20 health the creep had upon getting devoured. The debuff is lost upon death.
    • The bonus gold is unreliable and granted when the debuff expires. Losing it upon death does not grant the gold.
    • Doom cannot devour another creep while the debuff is active, even if Devour is off cooldown.
    • The debuff lasts longer than Devour's cooldown when devouring a creep with more than 1400/1200/1000/800 current health.

Scorched Earth (6.05-6.66)[]

Scorched Earth (6.05-6.66)
Does not pierce spell immunity. WT
Scorched Earth icon.png
Enemies / Self
Blankets the ground in flames, damaging enemies and healing Doom. Also increases Doom's attack and movement speed. Lasts 20 seconds.
Cast Animation: 0.3+0.51
Cast Range: 800
Radius: 700
Damage/Heal per Second: 1/2/3/4
Movement Speed Bonus: 10%/15%/20%/30%
Attack Speed Bonus: 10/15/20/30
Duration: 20
Cooldown: 10
Mana: 60
Scorched Earth Speed
The Fallen One spreads destruction in his wake, sparing none from the flame which sustains him.


  • The regeneration and speed bonus are provided by separate auras. Their buffs linger for 2-4 seconds.
  • Multiple overlapping instances do not stack.
  • Deals damage in 1 second intervals, starting 1 second after cast, resulting in 20 instances.
  • Can deal up to 20/40/60/80 damage to a unit when it stays within the area for the full duration (before reductions).
  • Can heal up to 22-24/44-48/66-72/88-96 health to Doom and his owned units if they stay within range for the full duration (varying values caused by the buff lingering).

Fire Storm (Pre 6.05)[]

Fire Storm
Does not pierce spell immunity. WT
Firestorm icon.png
Calls down 6 waves of fire that damage units in an area. Each wave deals initial damage and then burns enemies for 3 seconds.
Cast Animation: 0.3+0
Cast Range: 750
Max Channel Time: 6
Radius: 275
Number of Waves: 6
Wave Interval: 1
Damage per Wave: 30/45/56/70
Damage per Second: 5/10/15/20
Burn Duration: 3
Cooldown: 10
Mana: 75
Firestorm Debuff
The Fallen One spreads destruction in his wake, sparing none from the flame which sustains him.


  • Each wave takes 1 second to come down. The first wave hits 1 second after cast, and the last wave 6 seconds after cast.
  • The burn debuff does not stack per interval. Each interval refreshes its duration, resulting in 8 possible burn damage intervals.
  • Can deal up to 220/350/456/580 damage (before reductions) when all waves hit and the debuff is not dispelled.
  • The wave damage fully affects buildings. The damage per second does not.
  • Can deal up to 180/270/336/420 damage to buildings.

Phaser (Pre 3.2a, 4.00beta2-Pre 5.31)[]

Cannot be cast while rooted or leashed. WR
Unknown icon.png
Moves hero instantly to destination by shadow power.
Cast Animation: 4+0
Cast Range: Global
Cooldown: 60/50/40/30
Mana: 70


  • Double-tapping the ability automatically targets the team's Fountain.
  • During the cast time, a visual effect is created around Doom and at the target location. These visual effects are visible to everyone.
  • Also plays a sound at the target location, however, this is only audible to enemies when Doom is visible to them.

Life Wave (Pre 5.10)[]

Life Wave
Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Pierces spell immunity. WQ
Unknown icon.png
Calls forth a wave of energy that heals a target and bounces to nearby friendlies. Each bounce heals less damage.
Cast Animation: 0.3+1.53
Cast Range: 600
Bounce Radius: 1000
Number of Bounces: 3/4/5/6
Base Heal: 80/155/245/310
Bounce Heal Reduction: 20%/20%/15%/12%
Cooldown: 9
Mana: 100/120/135/145


  • Bounces in 0.25 second intervals, so healing all targets takes 0.75/1/1.25/1.5 seconds.
  • Heals each target 0.25 seconds after having bounced to it, including the initial target.

LVL? Death (Pre 6.86)[]

LVL? Death
LVL Death icon.png
Ignites an enemy hero's soul, dealing base damage and a mini-stun. If the target hero's level is a multiple of the Hero Level Multiplier, or they are level 25, they will be dealt additional damage equal to 20% of their maximum health.
Cast Animation: 0.3+0.93
Cast Range: 600
Hero Level Multiplier: 6/5/4/3
Base Damage: 125/175/225/275
Max Health as Extra Damage: 20%
Stun Duration: 0.03
Cooldown: 7
Mana: 110
Lucifer shares the fire branding bestowed upon him at the time of his exile.


  • The extra damage is dealt in a separate damage instance from the base damage.
  • Can only be cast on heroes, including creep-heroes.
    • Since non-hero units do not have levels like heroes, only the base damage is applied.
  • The extra damage is applied on the following hero levels:
    • LVL? Death Level 1: 6/12/18/24/25
    • LVL? Death Level 2: 5/10/15/20/25
    • LVL? Death Level 3: 4/8/12/16/20/24/25
    • LVL? Death Level 4: 3/6/9/12/15/18/21/24/25

Summon Doom Guard (3.2a-3.2j)[]

Doom Guard
Unknown icon.png
Summoned Creep
This unit has no mana.
Level 8
Duration Ability Duration 30/45/60
Armor Armor 0
Magic Resistance 0%
Status Resistance 0%
Attack Damage Unknown
26 ‒ 33
Attack Range Ranged 400
Acquisition Range 600
Attack Animation 0.5+0.7
Projectile Speed 900
Movement Speed 270 (100)
Turn Rate Takes 0.262s to turn 180°. 0.4
Collision Size 48
Vision Range (G) 1400800
Bounty Gold 7688
Experience 0
Model Scale 1.3

Summon Doom Guard
Unknown icon.png
No Target
Summons a powerful Doom Guard to attack your enemies. Each level decreases the cooldown and increases the duration.
Cast Animation: 0.3+1.53
Cooldown: 60/45/30
Mana: 125