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Divine Rapier is an item listed at the Base Shop, under Weapons. However, it is assembled entirely with items from the Secret Shop.

Components required from the Secret Shop
Divine Rapier
Divine Rapier icon
Divine Rapier icon
So powerful, it cannot have a single owner.
Cost 5600 Gold
Sell Value No Unsellable
Bonus ? +100 Attack Damage
Shareable Partially Partially
Droppable Partially Partially
Destroyable No
Disassemble No
Usage Alert ? No
Divine Rapier (5600)
Sacred Relic (3400)
Demon Edge (2200)


No Target
Toggle to gain either 25% bonus spell amplification or 250 bonus attack damage.
Bonus Attack Damage: 250
Bonus Spell Amplification: 25%
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol

  • Does not interrupts the caster's channeling abilities upon cast.
  • Places all Divine Rapier icon Divine Rapiers on cooldown without toggling all rapiers.

Additional Information[]

  • Divine Rapier drops when its wielder dies, unless they have available Reincarnation sources.
  • This item cannot be put into the backpack.
    • Buying, using components in the backpack to combine Divine Rapier while the inventory is full, drops the item on the floor.
  • Unlike other combined items, Divine Rapier cannot be disassembled within seconds after assembling it.
  • The Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon Courier can be used to buy a Divine Rapier, but they cannot pick Divine Rapiers up from the ground.
  • Divine Rapier doesn't count towards the owner's Net Worth if it's on the ground.
  • Divine Rapier changes owner when claimed in its free state, thus counting towards the claimer's Net Worth.

Item States[]

Divine Rapier has two states:

  • Original Rapier – The initial state upon buying the item.
  • Free Rapier – The state after the item is picked up by an enemy once.
State Manually Droppable Drops on Death Damage Bonus
Original Rapier Pictogram tick Yes Pictogram tick Yes Only for purchasing hero.
Free Rapier Pictogram cross No Pictogram tick Yes The hero who claims it.

Recommended Heroes[]

  • Divine Rapier should be considered as either a last resort in desperate conditions or a deadlock breaker in an even game. Buying the item to show off might give the opponent the chance to turn the game around.
  • As a high-reward item with the risk of backfire, Divine Rapier is potent for some heroes with certain traits:
    • Heroes who can attack multiple enemies at once are effective carriers by essentially becoming a constant area of effect damage source in team fights.
    • Heroes who have reliable escapes to avoid being focused on by the enemy team can reduce the risk of holding the item.
    • Heroes who have great pick-off potential to lock down and kill a single enemy with physical damage by themselves.
    • Heroes with critical strikes, armor reduction, or large attack speed bonuses multiply Divine Rapier's effective damage;
    • Heroes with spell immunity, lifesteal, damage reduction, damage negation or even Reincarnation icon Reincarnation could grant them survivability to dish out more damage.
    • While these are rarely enough to justify purchasing one, this should be considered when deciding which teammate should pick up a captured Rapier.
  • Heroes whose purchase of Divine Rapier could be justified due to their AoE damage:
[[No results|110px|link=Ember SpiritUnknown Hero icon]]
Ember Spirit
[[No results|110px|link=KunkkaUnknown Hero icon]]
Luna icon
Medusa icon
Monkey King icon
Monkey King
[[No results|110px|link=GyrocopterUnknown Hero icon]]
[[No results|110px|link=Templar AssassinUnknown Hero icon]]
Templar Assassin
[[No results|110px|link=Shadow FiendUnknown Hero icon]]
Shadow Fiend
  • Heroes whose purchase of Rapier could be justified due to their effective damage output and pick-off potential:
[[No results|110px|link=Faceless VoidUnknown Hero icon]]
Faceless Void
[[No results|110px|link=JuggernautUnknown Hero icon]]
[[No results|110px|link=Lone DruidUnknown Hero icon]]
Lone Druid
[[No results|110px|link=MuertaUnknown Hero icon]]
[[No results|110px|link=SniperUnknown Hero icon]]
[[No results|110px|link=Troll WarlordUnknown Hero icon]]
Troll Warlord
[[No results|110px|link=WindrangerUnknown Hero icon]]
[[No results|110px|link=Wraith KingUnknown Hero icon]]
Wraith King


  • The components of Divine Rapier can be stored separately by locking one of the components to prevent assembly. This can be used to purchase both parts with the courier without risking the loss of the item before delivery or to save the item until the owner judges the time is right.
  • Although it is a very expensive item, it is the most cost-effective damage item. Keep it in mind when your team is losing, Divine Rapier is a great last-stand item under such conditions.
  • No matter what, Divine Rapier should always be considered a purely situational item and never a core item since it can result in throwing the game. Avoid purchasing it in games with poor team coordination, as even the strongest carry will need the support of the rest of their team to survive being the highest-priority target.
  • Some heroes can utilize Divine Rapier much better than others by dealing splash damage or having better output environment. Even if enemy carry manages to get the Rapier, depending on their hero, they may not be able to use it just as effectively.
  • Rapier-holders should consider buying a second Rapier (when possible) to keep in their stash as a backup so that after a possible death they still have another Rapier to use.
  • If a Rapier is picked up from the ground by a hero that can't use it effectively, it is possible to transfer it to an ally by having them pick it up after the carrier denies themselves.
  • Because Divine Rapier gives 262 more extra damage than Daedalus icon Daedalus, and Daedalus' Critical strike gives 37.5% extra DPS, Divine Rapier gives more damage than Daedalus when the hero deals less than 610 damage without crits.


  • Divine Rapier's item icon used to have a little bit of animations. The light rays coming from the top right would slowly move across the icon, and yellow sparkle effects appeared on the rapier. This animation was removed for unknown reasons.


Recent Changes[]

  • Reduced attack damage bonus from 350 to 100.
  • No longer innately provides Spell Damage.
  • Added
    new ability: Divine Rapier icon Transmute
    • Toggle to gain increased bonus damage or spell amp.
      • Bonus Attack Damage: 250
      • Bouns Spell Amplification: 25%
  • Reduced Sacred Relic icon Sacred Relic cost from 3750 Gold to 3400 Gold (total cost decreases from 5950 Gold to 5600 Gold).