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Disassembly is an action that can be performed on certain items.

  • Items can't be disassembled while disabled, except for being silenced and muted.
  • Items can be disassembled while the player is dead.
  • Items can be disassembled from the stash.
  • Disassembling items tries to fill your inventory or backpack first before dropping to the ground.
  • Disassembling items auto-locks them from combining with other items. Use right click to unlock.
  • Disassembling an item will only split it into the items used to create it; for example, if a Sange and Yasha icon Sange and Yasha is disassembled it will not disassemble the resultant Sange icon Sange or Yasha icon Yasha any further.
  • All items, except for Divine Rapier icon Divine Rapier, Urn of Shadows icon Urn of Shadows and Observer and Sentry Wards icon Observer and Sentry Wards, can be disassembled within 10 seconds after they are combined. Only a few items can be disassembled at any time.
    • The timer expires instantly if the carrier of the item dies, or if the item enters the inventory of a unit not controlled by the owner.
    • Items that result from disassembling an item do not have this grace period.

The following items can be disassembled at any time:

Item Lock[]

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