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Disables (also called crowd control, or CC) refer to any abilities or status effects that prevent, impede, or otherwise inhibit a Hero from acting. Disables come in many different varieties, and most Heroes have access to some form of disable. Sometimes "disabled" or "fully disabled" refer to stun.


Disable Target's Interaction with the Disable
Movement Attack Ability Usage Item Usage Vulnerable
Stun, Shackle prevented prevented prevented4 prevented yes
Sleep, Cyclone prevented prevented prevented prevented depends
Movement Slow slowed normal normal normal yes
Attack Slow normal slowed normal normal yes
Silence normal normal prevented normal yes
Break normal normal disables passives normal yes
Mute normal normal normal prevented1 yes
Forced Movement forced depends depends depends yes
Root prevented2 normal normal3 normal3 yes
Leash confined normal normal3 normal3 yes
Hex reduced prevented prevented prevented yes
Trap confined normal normal normal yes
Taunt forced forced prevented prevented yes
Fear forced prevented prevented prevented yes
Hide prevented prevented prevented prevented no
Ethereal depends prevented normal normal only to spells
Disarm normal prevented normal normal yes
Blind normal misses normal normal yes

1 Does not prevent disassembling.

2 Does not prevent turning.

3 Prevents using of certain abilities and items.

4 Some abilities can be still cast while stunned. (Ursa's "Enrage" with Aghanim upgrade and Troll Warlord's "Battle Trance" with level 25 talent upgrade)


Main Article: Stun

Stuns are the most common and most dependable kind of disable. A Hero under the effect of a stun is unable to move, attack, use items, or use abilities until it wears off. Stuns will also interrupt any channeling abilities, such as using a Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll. Mini-stuns are a shorter version of a regular stun, usually lasting a fraction of a second, that are most useful in interrupting enemy spells or preventing enemies from moving effectively. General stuns have distinctive animation on the head of stunned heroes.


Shackle abilities, much like regular stuns, fully disable the target, rendering them unable to move, attack, use abilities or items and interrupt channeling spells. The difference to regular stuns is that the caster has to channel the effect, or apply other negative effects to it (e.g. slowing the caster)


Main Article: Sleep

A sleep works just like a stun, with the only difference being that the effect gets dispelled once the affected units is damaged or attacked. Sleeps also may turn the affected unit invulnerable for a while.


Main Article: Cyclone

A cyclone also works just like a stun, but on top of fully disabling the target, it also whirls it up into the air, so that other units can pass below it, and turns it invulnerable for the duration.


Main Article: Slow

A slow reduces the affected unit's movement speed or attack speed (or both).

Movement speed slow[]

Movement speed slows reduce a unit's movement speed by a percentage of its speed. Currently, there are no sources of movement speed slow which reduce a unit's movement speed by a fixed value. A unit affected by a haste is immune to movement speed slowing effects.

Attack speed slow[]

Attack speed Slows reduce a unit's attack speed by a fixed value. Currently, there are no sources of attack speed slow which reduce a unit's attack speed by a percentage value. There is no effect which grants a unit immunity to attack speed slows either.


Main Article: Silence

A silence prevents the affected unit from casting their spells for its duration. Toggled spells are stuck in their current state for the duration, but continue to function if enabled. It does not affect anything else, the affected unit is still free to move, attack and use items. Passive abilities are not disabled.


A mute works just like a regular silence, except that it disables active items instead of the unit's spells. Mutes usually come together with a regular silence.


Main Article: Break

A Break disables the affected hero's passive abililties. Most passives are disabled, but not all. Generally, on-death passives (Reincarnation, Requiem of Souls passive activation) are not disabled. It also tends to not disable passive abilities which have a direct synergy with the hero's other abilities, like Grow which affects Toss' damage. Break does not disable any passive item abilities either.

Forced Movement[]

Main Article: Forced Movement

Some spells forcefully move the affected units, preventing it from freely moving. Some of these also fully disable it for the duration, but some allow the unit to still turn, attack or cast spells and items.


Main Article: Root

A root (formerly known as Ensnare) is a form of disable which prevents a unit from moving and disables certain mobility-based abilities (e.g. Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll, Teleportation, and blink from Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger, Anti-Mage minimap icon.png Anti-Mage and Queen of Pain minimap icon.png Queen of Pain), however, it does not prevent the affected units from turning, casting other spells or using most items. Some roots also disarm the affected units (disarming roots were formerly known as Entangle).


Main Article: Leash

A Leash is a form of disable that restricts (but does not prevent) movement in some way while also disabling certain mobility-based abilities (similar to Root). Like Root, Leash does not prevent the affected units from turning, casting other spells or using most items.

  • Sources of leashes are Pounce (heavily slows the leashed hero when it tries to move away from the leash point), Dream Coil (Affected heroes are leashed for Dream Coil's duration, if they move too far from the leash point they are stunned but no longer leashed), and Soulbind (When the affected hero gets close to another allied hero, they become leashed to each other, heavily slowing them when they try to move away from each other).


Main Article: Hex

Hex turns the target Hero or unit into a critter, a weak unit that is incapable of attacking or using abilities and items. Hex silences, mutes, disarms and sets the target's base movement speed to a certain value, usually low value. It does not affect any other aspect of the unit (like turn rate, vision, collision size, etc), nor does it prevent it from gaining experience and gold.


Main Article: Trap

A trap is technically not a disable, since it doesn't really prevent a unit from anything. A trap hinders a unit from moving, similar to how cliffs hinder a unit from moving. Trapping spells either create an impassable obstacle, or create a barrier or a leash which prevent units from passing by heavily slowing the unit if it tries to pass through.

  • Sources of traps in the form of obstacles are Sprout (creates regular trees at a target point), Power Cogs (creates destructible units around the caster), Fissure (creates an indestructable ridge in a straight line in front of the caster), and Ice Shards (creates indestructable shards in an arc at the target location).
  • Another form of trap is Kinetic Field (creates a thin barrier at the target location which heavily slows units when walking against it).


Main Article: Taunt

A taunt forces the target to attack another unit. The target is unable to issue any other commands until the taunt wears off. The forced attacks caused by taunts will interrupt any ongoing order the affected unit has, including channeling spells. If the taunting unit cannot be attacked or the taunted unit cannot attack, the taunted unit will follow the taunting unit until attacks are possible again or the taunt wears off.


Main Article: Fear

Fear forces the target to run away from the cast point. The target is unable to issue any other commands until the fear wears off.


Main Article: Hide

Hiding (also referred to as banishing) a unit causes it to temporarily disappear. While hidden, a unit cannot be affected by any spell (with a very few exceptions) and is fully disabled. It is unable to move, attack, cast spells or items. Usually hiding spells also turn the affected unit invulnerable.


Main Article: Ethereal

Ethereal is a status effect which prevents a unit from attacking, but also prevents it from getting attacked. It turns the unit immune to physical damage, but usually reduces magic resistance, making it take more magical damage. Ethereal effects apply a slow when targeted to enemies.


Main Article: Disarm

A disarm prevents the affected unit from attacking. It still can be attacked by other units.


Main Article: Blind

A blind causes a unit to gain a chance to miss on attacks. Blinds work fully independently from evasion.

Disabling orders[]

The error messages from silence, mute, root and general order disable.

Stuns (including Shackle, Sleep and Cyclone), Forced Movements, Taunts and Hiding effects do not prevent the player from giving orders to their units. The given order is executed by the unit as soon as the disable expires. There are only very few spells which can be cast normally while affected by these disables:

However, some disables prevent giving orders to units. They also prevent casting the above named spells. When an order is prevented, the player cannot even select a target in case of targeted orders like a unit-targeted spell. In such case, the order remains selected (i.e. a unit-targeted spell stays selected when attempting to cast it while silenced, and the player has to manually deselect it). When giving orders is disabled, a red on-screen error message appears, telling the player why the order cannot be given. The text is usually accompanied by an error sound. The message and sound varies based on the disable.

Silence, Mute, Ethereal, Fear, Hypnosis, Root, and Leash do disable giving orders. Silence fully prevents any spell cast orders, Mute fully prevents item cast orders and the Ethereal state fully prevents ordering attacks on the ethereal unit. Fear and Hypnosis fully prevent any orders. Roots and Leashes also prevent ordering certain spells.

Besides the named disables, the prevention of giving orders is also partly a disable on its own. Several spells completely prevent the player from giving the affected units any order, while the disable the ability uses does not. The following spells fully prevent giving orders:

1 Lifestealer may only be ordered to use Consume and Control during Infest, but not any other order.

2 Phoenix may only be ordered to use Sun Ray during Supernova when the Talent talent is chosen. When upgraded with Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter, the targeted ally may not be given any orders for the duration.

3 When upgraded with Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter, the targeted ally may not be given any orders for the first 3 seconds.

Deprecated disables[]


Main Article: Pause

Pause was an effect that completely rendered the target unable to move, attack, cast spells or items, disabled most passive abilities and caused buffs and debuffs to not tick down for the duration. It also prevented it from gaining experience.