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Diretide 2013 was a Halloween event that lasted from November 14 to November 28, 2013. It features a game mode similar to Diretide 2012 with some changes, most notably that Roshan must now be killed repeatedly to obtain the server record, instead of being killed the fastest. Special crafting recipes were also introduced for this event.


Game mode[]


Diretide Roshling model
Lane Creep
Level ?
Duration Ability Duration ?
Armor Armor 5
Magic Resistance Lua error in Module:Calculate at line 35: in expression "( ?*1 )*100".
Attack Damage Unknown
Attack Range Melee 128
Acquisition Range 600
Attack Animation 0.3+0.3
Projectile Speed Instant
Move Speed 250 (100)
Turn Rate Takes 0.196s to turn 180°. 0.8
Collision Size 24
Vision Range (G) 2400
Bounty Gold 100
Experience 100
Notes Drops two Diretide Greevil Taffy icon Greevil Taffies each.
Uses the Baby Roshan model.

The Diretide 2013 game mode consists of three stages.

Stage Duration Information
Candy Chaos 8 minutes
  • Compete against the other team to collect the most Greevil Taffy.
  • Place Taffy inside your Candy Bucket to increase your team's score. Attack the enemy team's Bucket to steal their candy!
    • Candy Buckets have True Sight and will reveal invisible players nearby.
    • Candy Buckets count as structures and can be targeted with Teleports, and fortified with Glyph of Fortification.
The Trickster Awakens 8 minutes
  • Teams continue to collect Greevil Taffy, but Roshan is now roaming the map, looking for players to kill.
  • Roshan will pick one player at a time, alternating between teams, as indicated by the bottom display.
  • Roshan is invincible, and will continue chasing a target until the target is dead.
  • Roshan has True Sight.
  • Roshan can be fed 1 Greevil Taffy, after which he will change targets.
    • Every Greevil Taffy fed to Roshan will increase his movement speed and attack damage.

When this stage is over, the team with the most Greevil Taffy wins, and are awarded items.

Sugar Rush Indefinite/Timer

In this stage, players must Team up with the opposing team to kill Roshan.

  • All players are teleported to their Fountain, upgraded to level 25, and begin to gain 1000 gold per second.
  • This stage does not officially begin until Roshan is attacked, or after 5 minutes have passed.
  • Players can teleport to Roshan, which does not begin the countdown.
  • Flesh Heap icon Flesh Heap counter will be reset to 1.
  • Roshan will revive and gain a level and grow stronger every time he is killed.
  • Players can attack, but not damage the opposing team.
    • Culling Blade icon Culling Blade will still kill enemy players if below HP threshold.
  • This stage lasts until the timer runs out. The timer begins with 2 minutes remaining. Every time Roshan dies 30 seconds are added to the timer.
  • Players who last the longest against Roshan will be entered into Diretide Hall of Fame and receive a Platinum Baby Roshan!

Greevil Taffy[]

Diretide Greevil Taffy icon

Greevil Taffy

How to Obtain[]

Greevil Taffy can be acquired in the first two stages of Diretide by:

  • Killing Roshlings (2 pieces each)
    • Roshlings must be within ? range of an enemy hero to drop any Greevil Taffy.
  • Killing jungle creep (0-3 pieces per group)
  • Stealing from the enemy's candy bucket
  • Killing enemies and taking any taffy they're carrying

Other information[]

  • Picking up a piece of Greevil Taffy will reduce the player's maximum HP by 7.5% (stacking). Maximum HP will not drop below 1.
  • Dying in any way causes a player to drop all Greevil Taffy.
  • Greevil Taffy can be transferred between players, including enemies.
  • Depositing Taffy in the candy bucket will grant gold and experience to all players, including enemies.

Fighting Roshan[]


Players will receive one item for collecting more taffy than the opposing team, as well as one item at the end of the match. Possible rewards for both instances are:

In addition, there is a chance of receiving a rarer item for killing Roshan. This chance increases by 33% for every extra level Roshan gained before the end of the game.

Sugar Rush Hall of Fame[]

Cosmetic icon Platinum Baby Roshan

The Platinum Baby Roshan!

The teams who last the longest against Roshan will receive the very rare Platinum Baby Roshan. This record resets every cycle (every 24 hours).

Differences from 2012[]

  • Roshan has a new skill set.
  • Roshan has two new costumes - Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster
  • All items can now be bought anywhere on the map during the last stage.
  • Flesh Heap icon Flesh Heap counter will be reset to 1.
  • Roshan is now unaffected by Hex and Root interruption
  • You can now use a password to only match against other players with the same password in Diretide Matchmaking

Map Changes[]

Cosmetic changes have been made to the map.

  • Autumn/Halloween theme.
  • Radiant creep models have been replaced with Ghost models.
  • Dire creep models have been replaced with Zombie models.
  • Rune models have been replaced with a pumpkin model.

Event Crafting[]

Main Article: Crafting
Recipe Crafts Materials Needed

One of, in regular Quality:

And one of (40% Chance):

One of, in Cursed Quality:

One Cursed Quality item


One of (specified):


  • Valve did not originally plan on hosting Diretide 2013, but the event was eventually created after persistent community feedback.
    • During the months leading up to the event, the meme "༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE DIRETIDE" was commonly seen in streams and community websites.