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The Greevil Taffy is an item found during the Diretide event. It drops from Roshlings or neutrals or enemy pumpkins when attacked.

Greevil Taffy
Diretide Greevil Taffy icon.png
A strange looking candy, made out of Greevil cream and gummy vitamins.
Cost 0 Gold
Sell Value -
Stacks NO LIMIT / Inventory Slot
Active Drop Candy
Charges 1 INIT
Bonus ?
Shareable No
Usage Alert ? No
Greevil Taffy (0)


When it comes to making Greevil Taffy, the Confectioners of Yhauron have guarded their secret process closely, and no wonder. It is a truly horrible process!

In fact, should Greevils ever discover what has been done in their name, no Yhauronish candymaker could ever know a moment's peace. But we can spill the secrets here, because Greevils never read (and Yhauron is not pronounced anything like the way it is spelled).

It's all very simple really. Take a Greevil. Stretch and fold it ten thousand times on a colorful greevil-taffy-torture-rack, and abracadabra: Colorful, savory, tough and extremely gristly taffy!

Is it any wonder that only Roshan icon.png Roshan can stomach the stuff?


Pumpkin Basket
Deposit the candy in your bucket to give all heroes on the map gold and xp, or use it to satisfy a rampaging Roshan's sweet tooth. Get the highest candy in your bucket to win a prize!
Gold per Deposited Candy: 50
Experience per Deposited Candy: 75
Cooldown: 0


  • Transfers only 1 candy per cast, so it has to be used multiple times if multiple are being carried.
  • Grants gold and experience to all heroes on the map, not only the caster's team. The effect is global.
  • Only grants gold and experience when casting this on the pumpkin baskets. Casting on heroes does not grant gold and experience.
  • The candy does not have to stay in the bucket. If the enemy steals the candy, the experience and gold it granted still stay.
    • Throwing the same candy back into the bucket grants the gold and experience again.

Health Reduction
Carrying candy makes you less healthy, and decreases your max hp.
Max Health Reduction per Candy: 7.5%


  • This effect stacks additively without limit, so with 14 or more candies, the hero is left with 1 max health.
  • Upon dropping or transferring candy, the hero regains the health the candy took away. However, its current health stays the same.