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This article is about the mineral in Dota 2 lore. For the HUD skin, see Direstone.
Associated With
Factions Dire
Places Mad Moon
Characters Abzidian
Items Demon Edge icon.png Demon Edge
Cosmetics Demon Shard
Direstone Bindings Set
Direstone Liferipper

Direstone is a mineral, scattered from the destruction of the Mad Moon. The Radiant icon.png Radiant equivalent is Radiant Ore. Together, the two are known as the Nemesis Stones.

Direstone was used by Abzidian to create Demon Edge icon.png Demon Edge's hilt.[1] The mineral is described to be lightweight and easy to counterbalance, making it suitable for crafting weapons, specifically scythes.[2] It is also embedded into the buildings of Dire ancients, as well as the equipment of Dire creeps.


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