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Desert of Misrule
Associated with
Heroes Lina minimap icon.png Lina Dark Willow minimap icon.png Dark Willow
Places Scintillant Waste
Gods Solar Goddess
Characters Lord of Misrule
Lina's Aunt
Species Desert Wyrm
Cosmetics The Garments of the Charred Bloodline Set Hearts of Misrule

The Desert of Misrule is located either within or to the west of the Scintillant Waste.[1] It is a hot, barren land, and is home to Desert Wyrms.[2]


Settlements can be found in parts of the desert, most of whom lead a quiet and humble lifestyle. Tired of their troublesome daughter, Lina's parents sent her to live with an aunt in the desert. Many suitors called on Lina, but all have thus far been rejected.[3]

The desert was once ruled by nobles, who adorned themselves with precious rubies.[4] They wore golden jewelry, and robes with pointed tails.[5] Today, the Lord of Misrule reigns over the desert.[6]

Mireska Sunbreeze has spent time in the Desert of Misrule and has grown to like it there.[7]