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Demon Shard
Cosmetic icon Demon Shard
Wearable 5471
Doom icon
Rarity: Mythical
Slot: Weapon

Shattered during the cataclysmic battle of Heaven's Gate, the Blade of Worlds fell as a thousand pieces. Smuggled back into the foundries of Hell, the largest fragment was later reformed, the runes upon its surface shifting to denote a new name, Demon Shard.
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This item was obtained in Genuine quality by purchasing the Demon Edge Sword from WETA Workshop. It is no longer available.


Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect Demon Shard Ambient

Additional Lore[]

When the Mad Moon tore asunder, and the Ancients plunged to earth, splinters of the Nemesis Stones lay fallen to be found by anyone who had the fortune (whether this proved good or ill). The Demon-Smith Abzidian laid claim to two such fragments, and from them forged the Demon's Edge: Her blade a singing shard of Radiant ore, her hilt of Direstone cunningly carved. But once the weapon was complete, he learned to his chagrin that only a Hero can handle her. In testing her edge, the Demon-Smith Abzidian slew himself! Since that day, Demon Edge has passed from hand to hand, though only a hero may carry her for long. For in this single weapon, the warring Ancients vie. What lesser mortal can hope to wield such power?



  • This item is based on the in-game item, Demon Edge icon Demon Edge.

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Patch History[]

  • Updated in-game icons to show the item's new particle effects.