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Patch Notes

  • Started the Frostivus 2019 event.
  • Added a cast sound to Essence Ring icon.png Essence Ring.
  • The demo mode map is now a winter-themed map.
  • Added new attack sounds to Void Spirit minimap icon.png Void Spirit.
  • Fixed one of Snapfire minimap icon.png Snapfire's ally responses towards Alchemist minimap icon.png Alchemist being hooked up to Ancient Apparition minimap icon.png Ancient Apparition instead.
  • Added new ability behavior flag: "DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_VECTOR_TARGETING", and added it to all existing vector-targeted abilities.
  • Nature's Guise now appears in guides.
  • Increased Tiny minimap icon.png Tiny weapon max polygons of all parts.
  • Added voice item slot to Ogre Magi minimap icon.png Ogre Magi.
  • Updated localization files.
  • Fixed heroes getting skill points for levels 26-30, with nothing to spend them on.


  • Contains:


  • Contains:

Update 2

  • Backend changes, related to the arcana, cannot document.

Update 3

  • Added chinese version of the Ogre Magi arcana reveal splash art.
  • Updated localization files.

Update 4

  • Updated localization files.