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Patch Notes

  • Frostivus 2017 has arrived.
  • New Frostivus dashboard theme.
  • Added a Frostivus option in the play tab.
  • Rich Presence now has an indicator for when you are playing a Frostivus Game.
  • Armory category for Frostivus 2017 has been added.
  • Fixed a typo where the Quebec chat channel was called Qumbec.
  • Supporting strings have been added for the post game screen of a Frostivus game.
  • Fixed Death Ward description from reading "a deadly ward with true strike" to "a deadly ward".
  • Added a tooltip modifier for Nethertoxin: Passive abilities disabled, and Magic Resistance reduced by <value>
  • Fixed a typo in the lobby type where it read "Specator" instead of "Spectator".


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