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Patch Notes

Update 5

Update 6

  • Fixed being able to ward inside Roshan area
  • Fixed Familiars moving at 450 speed instead of 430
  • Fixed neutrals facing the wrong direction when returning to their camp
  • Fixed clicking on inactive items while the shop is open not bringing up upgrade tree
  • Fixed alt enter not picking the hero
  • Fixed Iron Talon icon.png Iron Talon not being purchasable in the strategy phase

Update 7

  • Fixed many bugs related to model visuals when coming in and out of fog of war
  • Adjusted Radiant T2 camp pullability
  • Mischief now copies the courier that your team has instead of the generic courier
  • Updated icons in the kill streak banner
  • Fixed various bugs with unified unit order on the minimap
  • Fixed Shadow Raze cooldown when upgrading the level 25 talent
  • Fixed Sniper Scepter tooltip
  • Fixed shop search box cleaning data when it loses focus
  • Fixed Natural Order tooltip
  • Fixed visual bugs with Mischief
  • Fixed Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick not having a cast point when charging up with Blast Off

Update 8

  • Pressing your hero hotkey will now dismiss the query panel
  • Fixed Rubick with Scepter upgraded Assassinate
  • Added Roshan Santa hat
  • Added a unique debuff icon for the second half Natural Order aura
  • Fixed Mischief toggle off button having 4 levels
  • Fixed being unable to use Icarus Dive while using Sunray
  • Fixed Rubick with Zeus's Scepter
  • Fixed Fight recap width
  • Updated Slardar minimap icon.png Slardar and Viper minimap icon.png Viper minimap icons
  • Fixed Life Drain integration with Tether
  • Fixed various control group bugs
  • Fixed Rubick with Boundless Strike
  • Fixed swap hero bugs
  • Fixed quickcast bugs

Update 9

  • Increased inventory item icon sizes
  • Updated minimap image on the watch tab to reflect new terrain changes
  • Fixed being unable to see visual attack range when hovering over the damage icon
  • Fixed bugs with the clock with Night Stalker/Luna
  • Fixed Spirit Breaker level 25 when switching charge targets
  • Fixed Tempest Double not showing the Talent Tree visually
  • Fixed an incomplete create item console command crashing the game
  • Fixed Illusions not showing their expire timer
  • Fixed chat not losing focus properly when clicking off it
  • Chat now scrolls to the bottom when you open or close it.
  • Fixed Shadow Shaman level 25 visual channel time not being updated
  • Fixed various bugs with clicking on hero portraits
  • Fixed ministuns shaking the ability panel
  • Added cast sound to Dragon Form's Dragon Tail projectile
  • Adjusted length of Nature's Attendants sound to match talent bonuses
  • Non-hero units now show hp/mp regen
  • Fixed game crash when using dota_gridnav_show 1
  • Fixed buyback button when illusions die
  • Fixed a stutter when using Healing Ward
  • Added legacy keys for Monkey King
  • Fixed some bugs with purchasing items in Strategy Phase
  • Ability hotkeys now show up for unskilled abilities when you have unused skill points
  • Added hud_toggle_visibility to hide the HUD
  • Hero suggestions are now limited to 4 per player
  • Updated locked item icon visual
  • Fixed minimap not showing sometimes