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Debuff immunity is a modifier which stops most effects of debuffs' effects on a unit without dispelling the debuffs and without preventing debuffs from being placed on the unit. It also grants resistance against magical damage and immunity against pure and reflected damage, as well as protecting against mana loss.


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Debuff immunity is a status effect. Most debuffs in the game first check whether or not the unit has the debuff immunity status. If the status is present, the debuff's effects cease temporarily, until the unit is no longer debuff immune. However, some debuffs (commonly those placed by ultimate abilities) pierce debuff immunity, meaning their effects carry on normally.

Usually, a debuff either fully pierces debuff immunity, or it is fully blocked. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Whether or not a debuff pierces debuff immunity is noted down in the description boxes of each ability, right below the ability name. A compiled list can be found in the interactions tab.

Note that debuff immunity protects the unit from negative effects of debuffs. If a debuff has positive effects, it may apply them still, like Savage Roar icon Savage Roar increasing movement speed. Furthermore, if a debuff has functional effects that only use the target as a source of origin, their effects continue (e.g. Thunder Strike icon Thunder Strike continues striking, Ion Shell icon Ion Shell continues to deal damage around the unit). Debuffs that have triggers can still have their effects triggered, like Last Word icon Last Word, Drunken Haze icon Cinder Brew, and Orchid Malevolence icon Soul Burn), the triggered effect is then still subjected to debuff immunity. Debuffs that apply buffs or debuffs on other units can still do so (e.g. Penitence icon Penitence still grants attacking enemies attack speed).

The following status effects are prevented by debuff immunity:


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Debuff immunity inherently grants the unit increased magic resistance, with the amount depending on the source ability. On top of this, it also grants 100% resistance against pure damage and reflected damage, meaning they deal 0 damage. Note that a 0 damage instance is still registered and still may proc on-damage effect, unless it is flagged as HP Removal.

However, these resistances are only granted against abilities that do not pierce debuff immunity. This means if an ability pierces debuff immunity and deals magical, pure, or reflected damage, it completely ignores the resistances granted by the debuff immunity. In case of magic damage, it deals damage as if the magic resistance bonus of the debuff immunity is not present.

Physical damage does not interact with debuff immunity at all, regardless of whether the ability pierces debuff immunity or not.


Debuff immunity also prevents abilities from draining, burning, or otherwise removing the unit's mana pool, so that only ability costs can reduce their mana, unless the ability pierces debuff immunity.

True Sight and Vision[]

With the exception of Curse of the Oldgrowth icon Curse of the Oldgrowth, debuff immunity does not prevent abilities from revealing the unit with True Sight, shared vision, or from exposing, even if the applying ability does not pierce debuff immunity.


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Debuff immunity does not dispel any debuffs upon gaining it, although most abilities which provide debuff immunity independently apply a form of dispel as part of the ability.


The following abilities grant debuff immunity and magic resistance bonus.

1 Requires Talent talent.
2a Requires Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter.
2b Requires Aghanim's Shard icon Aghanim's Shard.