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Dark Willow minimap icon.png Mireska Sunbreeze, the Dark Willow
Children love telling stories about the whimsical adventures of fairies... That's because children don't know that most fairies are spiteful jerks. And in the world of spiteful fairies there are few names spoken of with more contempt than Mireska Sunbreeze.

Born to a fae merchant king, Mireska grew up in Revtel; a cutthroat nation where manipulation and murder were the norm. But while she was quite adept at navigating the etiquette, unspoken laws, and social rituals that permeated every element of her life, she found the whole thing rather boring.

So, Mireska did what most rebellious children do: burn down her family estate and set off with her pet wisp Jex to live the life of a wandering grifter.
Dark Willow
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Heroes Meepo minimap icon.png Meepo
Puck minimap icon.png Puck
Anti-Mage minimap icon.png Anti-Mage
Silencer minimap icon.png Silencer
Pangolier minimap icon.png Pangolier
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Faceless Void minimap icon.png Faceless Void
Shadow Shaman minimap icon.png Shadow Shaman
Riki minimap icon.png Riki
Kunkka minimap icon.png Kunkka
Tidehunter minimap icon.png Tidehunter
Races Fae
Factions Sunbreeze Family
Jasper Circle
Vigil Knights
Claddish Navy
Places Fae Realm
Iron Fog
White Spire
Tyler Estate
Weeping Rose
Yama Raskav Jungle
Trembling Isle
Overgrown Empire
Characters Jex
Mireska's Father
Lorlin Lasan
Artifacts Claszureme Hourglass
Bullsnake Flag
Apotheosis Blade
Shadowgate Amulet

Mireska Sunbreeze is a Fae, and the daughter of one of Revtel's merchant kings. Like the other members of her kind, she is a devious character, scheming endlessly to come up with the next con. She loathes her family and strives for independence, seeking to make her name known to the world and forever remembered by her family.[1][2] Versed in magic and able to slip into the Fae Realm at any moment, Mireska uses her abilities for mischief and harm. She has contempt for naive do-gooders, and great lust for gold and treasure.[3] Despite her sadistic nature, she does not relish violence, and only resorts to it to attain her goals.[4] Instead, she admires talent and trickery,[5] and enjoys turning rivals against one another.[6] Mireska is always accompanied by Jex, an equally sinister wisp that she keeps as her companion.

Flight and Pursuit[]

Born into a privileged house in Revtel, Mireska was a wealthy girl with many advantages, including tutors, whom she hated.[7] Her father, one of the city's rulers, had an overbearing personality, judging her and gloating over her failures[8] as well as lecturing her about the dangers of the outside world.[9][10] She learned to navigate the complex rituals and etiquette of Fae society, but grew weary of them, and decided to cast them aside to forge her own destiny.[11] Bored of Revtel and fed up with its tyrannical government, she burnt her family estate to the ground and stole the family birthright.[12]

After having fled the city with Jex, Mireska assumed a life of travel, returning occasionally to the wooded hollow where she keeps her stolen goods.[13] The price of her independence is steep, however, and Mireska now finds herself wanted in six nations, hunted by assassins wherever she goes.[14] Guided by ley lines, she never stays in one place too long, preferring to wander the world in search of victims to fleece.[15]

Wanted for her crimes in Revtel, Mireska is hunted by assassins of all backgrounds, none of which have been sucessful so far.[16] Perhaps due to her potent magical abilities, she is wanted by the Tyler Estate, and sought after by its agents Nortrom and Anti-Mage.[17] Her father also wants her brought back to face her crimes, and has hired the bounty hunter Gondar to find her.[18] Special Fae stalkers have been employed to trail her.[19] Due to these circumstances, Mireska has grown paranoid of being captured or killed.[20]

Although Mireska found her father's behavior insufferable,[21] some would argue that her own actions are no different.[22]


In her early travels, Mireska met Lorlin Lasan, a member of the Jasper Circle who taught her how to kill.[23] Eventually, she was asked to join the Jasper Circle, but turned down the offer because she did not want to perform deeds for the organization, and also because she found their professional approach to ethics unbearable.[24][25] Nonetheless, she retains some knowledge of the Jasper Circle's dealings, warning her friend Meepo that he is being hunted by the organization.[26]

She has spent much time in Iron Fog, where she witnessed machines and horrors inflicted on people. Her purpose there remains unknown.[27] The trading center of Weeping Rose was another one of her frequented places, until she was kicked out for an unknown reason.[28]

Mireska's journeys take her across the world, to places like Quoidge and the remote Yama Raskav Jungle.[29][30] She has been to Roseleaf, where a clash between the Bronze Legion and the Red Mist army occurred, with Mireska being at the site during or after the fight. There, she found the Bullsnake Flag, although to whom it belongs is a mystery.[31] She has also been to the arid lands far to the southeast of Roseleaf, which she adored.[32]

The Trembling Isle[]

Stowing away on one of Kunkka's ships, Mireska was present at the Trembling Isle when the battle raged between the Claddish Navy and the Demons of the Cataract. Her reason for being on the boat is unclear, but she may have been searching for a trophy of some sort.[33] To what extent she was involved in the battle is unknown, but it appears that she did something to doom the Claddish Navy, for which she is now loathed and hunted by Kunkka.[34] Mireska was traumatized by the battle, and blames the events of that day on Tidehunter.[35]

Fellstrath and the Mo'rokai[]

In an attempt to find lost relics, Mireska journeyed to the Fellstrath jungles, where she discovered the ruins of the Overgrown Empire. In doing so, she awakened the Mo'rokai, a pair of magical beasts once worshiped by the inhabitants of that lost civilization. The Mo'rokai went on a rampage through the jungle, seeking to the destroy the Ancients.[36]

Hobbies and Activities[]

Raised in the unscrupulous society of Revtel, Mireska is prone to stealing things for pleasure, greed and revenge.[37] Upon leaving, she stole her family's prized heirloom, knowing it would anger her father greatly.[38] She lusts after gold and jewelry, going so far as to ask Rylai if she could put her in touch with a Sapphire Archon, possibly to steal some sapphires for herself.[39] From Darkterror she stole the Claszureme Hourglass, an arcane relic that controls time.[40] She has looted Undying's grave, taking with her valuable burial items and refusing to return them.[41] Mireska has also contemplated arson.[42]

Having been kicked out of Weeping Rose, Mireska now plots to return and rob the trading hub.[43] She also has her eyes set on the Apotheosis Blade, vowing to Jex that she will steal it one day.[44] The sacred mists from the Font of Avernus is also on her list.[45] According to Inai, Mireska is looking for the Shadowgate Amulet, though he warns her that using it comes with a heavy toll.[46]

Aside from material goods, Mireska also covets arcane secrets. She flatters Enigma, hoping to learn about his powers.[47][48] The secrets of Aghanim, Rubick's father, are also highly desired by Mireska, who believes the answer lies in his shifting staff.[49]

On the less criminal side of things, Mireska is fond of drinking, frequenting pubs and tallying up large tabs.[50] She also enjoys gambling and betting on the courier races at White Spire.[51]


Mireska is good friends with Meepo, inviting him to the race tracks and going to taverns with him.[52] When she hears that the Jasper Circle is out to find Meepo over an unsettled debt, she warns him beforehand.[53] Because of her love of drink, Mireska is also friendly towards Mangix, getting drunk with him and praising him at his job.[54][55]

Rhasta has a working relationship with her, and she has a degree of professional respect for his conman background. Once, when Mireska and Rhasta ran scams in the same city, their overlapping schemes caused much trouble for both of them. So, Mireska plans to come up with a schedule regarding which cities they should travel to at what time, so that their cons don't interfere with one another.[56]

Riki seems to have parted ways with Mireska, deciding to join the Jasper Circle while she did not.[57] Mireska believes that had they not gone their separate ways, they could have been friends.[58]

Donte Panlin seems to have known Mireska since her childhood. Even today, he tries to warn and dissuade her from continuing down the path of crime, telling her that she could have a good life as a heroic figure.[59] His sympathy for her is revealed when he asks Gondar to spare Mireska, and not rob her of her future by bringing her back to her father.[60] For her part, Mireska finds Donte's lectures irritating, and openly despises him.[61]

Mireska is unkind towards Ostarion and Tresdin, whom she regard as tyrannical leaders akin to the kings of Revtel.[62] She frowns on Stonehall and its bloody battles, and warns Tresdin that Rix will kill her.[63] Mireska also despises a Keen named Mazzie, although the exact reasoning is unknown.[64] When it comes to demons, Mireska avoids their enticements altogether, possibly because her father warned her against dealing with demons long ago.[65] The Faerie Dragon Puck possess similar powers as the Fae, and he constantly interferes in her activities, provoking anger from Mireska.[66] Like Puck, she is one of the few who can understand Mercurial.[67]

The Vigil Knights have fought or attempted to subdue Mireska before, for reasons unknown.[68] Due to the events that occurred at the Trembling Isle, Mireska is on the run from Kunkka, and has a hostile relationship with Tidehunter.[69]

Artifact Card Game Artifact[]

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