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Dark Reef
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Associated With
Heroes Slark minimap icon.png Slark
Races Slithereen
Factions Deep Ones
Dark Reef Dozen
Conclave of the Brine
Gods Dark Ones
Characters Siltbreaker
Species Glow Conch
Cosmetics Reef's Edge

Dark Reef is an underwater prison that houses the worst of the sea's denizens.

Giant guttleslugs infest the prison, eating carrion and the corpses of prisoners.[1]


The prison is located near a Naga settlement.[2] It is constructed inside a deep ocean trench, covered by a metallic grid.[2] Its interior is described as dark labyrinth. Eels patrol the grounds, and exits are guarded by giant stinging anemones. Explosive mines are chained floating near the exterior, where several ships have wrecked and sunk around the upper entrance. Cetacean wildlife can be heard nearby, especially at night.[2]


Murderous Slithereen, treacherous Deep Ones, and sociopathic Meranths are kept in the prison.[3] Contraband gems are sometimes smuggled into Dark Reef.[4]

Only the toughest prisoners survive. Slark was once an inmate in Dark Reef, for undisclosed crimes.[3] The Dark Reef Dozen once tried to escape, but failed. However, Slark was able to take advantage of their escape attempt as a distraction to escape himself. To this day, Slark is the only prisoner ever to escape from Dark Reef.[3] A thief once killed eleven guards before he was finally killed.[5]



The goddess Skadi may have something to do with Dark Reef prison. A Skadi Blade was found in buried on the prison grounds.[6] Another Skadi weapon was crafted by a blacksmith and a wizard, from materials found in Dark Reef.[7]


The Dark Ones may be somehow related to Dark Reef.[3] Statues of a cephalopod being can be seen around the prison, indicating perhaps a relationship with the god Maelrawn.[2]


According to Slark, the Dark Reef will one day "rise", although what this means exactly is unknown.[8]



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