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For the in-game event, see Dark Moon.
Dark Moon Order
Associated with
Heroes Luna minimap icon.png Luna
Factions Dark Moon Horde
Places Nightsilver Woods
Shrine of Selemene
Temple of Mene
Gods Selemene
Characters Nova

The Dark Moon Order is an collection of warriors, dedicated to the lunar goddess Selemene. They reside in the Nightsilver Woods, where they perform the goddess' bidding, and defend the world from the cataclysmic Dark Moon and their proponents, the Dark Moon Horde.[1]


The Order comprises of members from all walks of life. Peasants, orphans, criminals make up their ranks, as well as scholars, magistrates, and warlords. Once they have joined, their past is put aside, and all come together in worship of Selemene.[2]

Cloaked in hoods, the Dark Moon approaches new recruits, selected by Selemene, and offer them membership. Those who refuse are instructed to leave the Nightsilver Woods, and never return.

Luna, having come to the edge of the Nightsilver Woods, was faced with a trial set forth by Selemene. Facing off against a giant feline, she sparred and followed the beast to a moonlit hill, where it snatched a rusty dagger from her hands. This was seen as a satisfactory trial, and the Dark Moon soon approached Luna and offered her a place in their ranks. Luna accepted, renouncing her past in the process, and become Selemene's new champion, the Moon Rider.[3]


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