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For the in-game event, see Dark Moon.
Dark Moon Horde
Associated with
Heroes Luna minimap icon.png Luna
Factions Dark Moon Order
Places Nightsilver Woods
Shrine of Selemene
Temple of Mene
Gods Selemene

The Dark Moon Horde is a faction hostile to Selemene, the goddess of the moon. By attacking the goddess and her temples, they seek to undermine her power, and trigger the Dark Moon cataclysm. They are opposed by the Dark Moon Order, a sect devoted to defending and worshiping Selemene. The Horde is able to corrupt and subvert Selemene's powers, apparently taking on the appearance of "shades". In an attack on the Temple of Mene, the Horde was able to put its defenders to sleep with arcane magic. Before they could destroy the sanctuary however, five volunteer champions answered Selemene's call, and defeated the Horde before they could bring about the Dark Moon.[1]


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