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Damage Instance is an event that is yielded after most attacks and damage takes effect.


In most cases, as long as the damage are taken, Damage Instance will emerge. The emergence of Damage Instance has no relation with the originial value and calculated value of damage.

Therefore, 0 and negative damage are still considered as Damage Instance.

Non Damage Instance[]

Rare damage effect and some effect without damage will not generate a Damage Instance.

Especially, 0 and negative damage are not Non Damage Instance.

The following situations will not yield Damage Instance:

The following abilities will not yield Damage Instance in specific circumstances:

Non Damage Instance in specific circumstances

0 Damage Instance[]

Generally, 0 Damage Instance are thought as a 0 damage manipulated after Terminal Damage Block.

Two circumstances will cause the generation of 0 Damage Instance in common.

One is 0 original damage. The other is that orignial damage are not 0, but becoming 0 by damage manipulation during Damage Process Sequence.

0 Originial Damage[]

The following situation will yield 0 original damage:

  • Damage based on other properties, when these properties are 0, including: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Mana, Move speed, etc.
    • Examples: Mind Flare icon Mind Flare casting on a hero with 0 intelligence; Stampede icon Stampede when caster has 0 strength etc.
  • Attack Damage on wards which requires a set amount of attacks to destroy.
  • When a 0 or negative damage and instant kill causes another damage instance based on this damage, the new damage will be 0 original damage.
    • Examples: Damage share from 0 damage or instant kill, Cleave based on 0 damage etc.
  • Negative value damage will be corrected to 0 damage at the end of Damage Process Sequence.

The following abilities will yield 0 original damage in specific circumstances:

0 Originial Damage in specific circumstances

0 Calculated Damage[]

Many damage manipulation can deal 0 Calculated Damage.

Trigger of Damage Instance[]

Damage Instance can be used to judge the trigger of conditional ability effects.

Also, some ability effects are based on Damage Instance value which are calculated in the specific location of damage process sequence.

Original Damage Instance[]

These Original Damage Instance check effects are triggered by any specific Damage Instance, even the value is 0 or negative.

  • Damage on wards which requires a set amount of attacks to destroy.
  • Other abilities effect are shown below:
Triggered by any specific Damage Instance

Calculated Damage Instance[]

Some effects are based on Damage Instance which calculate at specific position of Damage Process Sequence with a specific value.

Here shows condition based on the Calculated Damage Instance value: