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Custom Hero Survival was created by .AJIADb9 in 2014. It has not been updated since September of 2014.

Game Concept[]

The game runs in a series of rounds, each round facing progressively more difficult enemies.

Every tenth round is a boss wave with one extra-large and high-health enemy.

The player controls a hero-model, which utilizes the hero's usual stats, armor and base attack time.

To customize the hero, any skills can be added via the Spell Shop, with no restrictions.

Items and stat points can be purchased from the shop between rounds.

Enemy Waves[]

Each enemy offers different challenges to overcome, requiring careful combinations of abilities to defeat them all.


High damage, spell immune.


Poison attack, slows.


Explodes on death, knocking back. Explosion does not cause much damage.

Ancient Apparition[]

Attacks prevent hp regeneration, like the normal AA ultimate ability.


No hero model, these enemies are technically impossible to click on. Attack ground in order to auto-target them, or leave auto-retaliate turned on.


Healing salves and clarities are instant, so can be used amidst combat.

Stat-boosting items such as the Agility Sword provide more bonus per gold than buying raw stat-books.


Normal abilities take one stat point each per level, ultimate abilities take eight.

Abilities can be "sold", exchanging them for the amount of points invested.

Ability points can be purchased for 150 gold each, or sold for 100 gold each.