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▶️ Culween's Most Cunning Fabrications!
Invoker invokes Culween's name when using one of his spells

Culween is a character in the lore of Dota 2.


Culween must've invented or was involved in this creation of the Forge Spirit spell, since Culween's possessive name is invoked when using it.[1][2] Thus Culween must be a mage.

Seeing how the young Invoker (who existed during the earliest days when magic was once at its most potent form because 'twas still primarily a mnemonic art) learned the Forge Spirit spell alongside his nine other incantations, wielding them all with his rare and ancient sorcery of invoking, Culween must have existed during the golden age of Magic as well and thus this obscure magician must've been an ancient one too. Also, Culween must've been a quasi-immortal like these ancient mages are.[3]



In his youth, the Invoker minimap icon.png Invoker learned Culween's Forge Spirit alongside the nine other spells he currently has, using two Exort orbs and one Quas orb to invoke this spell for casting.

Other Characteristics[]


Much like the Invoker, Culween must have had his magic to Invoke icon.png Invoke up spells and wielded the energies of Exort icon.png Exort and Quas icon.png Quas to use invocations. Otherwise, Culween would not be able to conjure Forged Spirits (also known as Culween's Most Cunning Fabrications[2] or Grief Elementals[4]) who are invoked using two Exort and one Quas.[5]

Spirit of Exort and Quas

Embodying the strength of Exort's fires and the fortitude of Quas' ice,[6] these elemental spirits are said to be created from nothing.[7] They also embody Exort's violence.[8][9] They have the ability to spit out a Melting Strike that eats through enemy armor, as well as the implied ability to destroy the will, thus they're also known as "Ravagers of Armor and Will" when invoked.[10] Perhaps their ability to ravage the will is the reason why they are called "Grief Elementals" as well.[4]

"My Forged Spirit ate my homework!"

It seems that not all Forged Spirits look the same. This youthful Invoker's subservient elementals take the form of a young dragon hatchling.

Despite this Different appearance, this fiery Dragon whelp is still a Forged Spirit in nature, meaning that it's still an elemental spirit that is forged from naught. It's unknown why Forge Spirits can differ in appearance or what makes them take on different forms.


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