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Crimson Wyvern
Associated with
Heroes Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight
Races Dragons
Species Wyverns
Cosmetics Enchanted Plate of the Crimson Wyvern Set

The Crimson Wyvern was a dragon character in the lore of Dota 2.


Its name implies that it was a wyvern covered in tough red scales,[1] plus it was said be an ancient specimen.[2][3]

According to the helm and the shield that captured its likeness, the Crimson Wyvern has quite a unique visage amongst Dragons. Having a very short snout, its upper lip is lined with a row of overlapping vertical folds of pointy scales. It has two blank yellow eyes in the shape of a thin vesica piscis or a mandorla that were slanted. Above what appears to be the nose is a crest of overlapping scales that project upward. Apparently, it also has a pair of pointy ears, although these ears might be a bunch of scales or something else. Lastly, it has a pointed chin.[2][3]

The rest of its body remains unseen, which is crucial in determining whether it was truly a wyvern or not. Still, a hint of its bodily features are found in the stuff forged from its remains.

Running along its back were protective interlocking scales that sat above its spine.[4] It also had an unknown amount of sharp talons.[5]



Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight wields a set of equipment that is forged from the Crimson Wyvern's remains. Seeing how the remains of his kills are usually constructed into his personal equipment for dragonslaying purposes, it's implied that he is the slayer of this wyvern.

With a helm that bears the likeness of this ancient wyvern,[2] Sir Davion is protected by a pair of pauldrons that are constructed from its tough scales.[1] His bracers are forged from the interlocking scales that sit above the wyvern's spine[4] and he wears a skirt that is presumably constructed from its remains too.[6] Complimenting his armor is a pair of Crimson Wyvern -forged weapons, including a shield emblazoned with its visage (and possibly decorated with its actual eyes)[3] and a jagged sword forged from its talons.[5]

The name of this set, Enchanted Plate of the Crimson Wyvern Set, implies that the armor is ensorcelled with some sort of magic, but this is uncertain.


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