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Creeps are basic units in Dota 2. Every unit which is not a hero, building, ward or courier is considered a creep. Creeps can belong to either faction, be neutral, or be player-controlled units. Unlike heroes, creeps do not gain experience and cannot level up. All of their stats are set values (though can still be altered by modifiers). Most creeps grant a set gold and experience bounty to heroes when killed.

Lane Creeps[]

Main Article: Lane Creeps

Lane creeps are a type of creep that automatically moves down the three lanes towards the enemy faction's Ancient. Each and every 30 seconds a new group (the creep wave) spawns for each faction at each of their barracks, but the number in the group and their stats eventually change, as the game progresses. Lane creeps engage any hostile unit nearby, but when left unattended, the opposing creeps end up clashing each other in the lanes on their way towards the enemy base.

Neutral Creeps[]

Main Article: Neutral Creeps

Neutral creeps are a type of creep that are not controlled by any player. They are aligned to neither of the teams, and offer an alternative source of gold and experience. Neutral creeps appear in small camps scattered in the jungle on both sides of the map. They come with different power levels and most of them have unique abilities. Roshan icon Roshan, who sits in his den at one of the two corners of the map, and the Unknown Unit icon Tormentors on the map edges are also considered neutral creeps.

Controlling Creeps[]

The following abilities are able to manipulate creeps or modify the owner of the creeps and control them. When in control of the creep, the player can cast its abilities.

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