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Lane creeps[]

Projectle launch/pre attack Projectile/attack impact Movement Death Misc
Radiant / Dire ranged creeps
Radiant / Dire melee creeps
Radiant / Dire melee mega creeps
Radiant / Dire siege creeps

Neutral creeps[]

Shared sounds[]

  • All neutral creeps share the same attack, movement and death sounds.
Light melee pre attack Heavy melee pre attack attack impact Ranged projectile launch Ranged projectile impact
Light footsteps Heavy footsteps Hooved footstep Light flying Heavy flying
Light death Medium death Heavy death Giant death Flying fall

Specific sounds[]

Small Camps Medium Camps Large Camps Ancient Camps
Creep Ability sounds Death scream Creep Ability sounds Death scream Creep Ability sounds Death scream Creep Ability sounds Death scream
Kobold model.png Kobold - Centaur Conqueror model.png Centaur Conqueror Satyr Banisher model.png Satyr Banisher Ancient Black Dragon model.png Ancient Black Dragon Fireball
Kobold Soldier model.png Kobold Soldier - Centaur Courser model.png Centaur Courser - Satyr Mindstealer model.png Satyr Mindstealer Ancient Black Drake model.png Ancient Black Drake -
Kobold Foreman model.png Kobold Foreman Giant Wolf model.png Giant Wolf - Satyr Tormenter model.png Satyr Tormenter Ancient Granite Golem model.png Ancient Granite Golem -
Hill Troll Berserker model.png Hill Troll Berserker - Alpha Wolf model.png Alpha Wolf - Hellbear model.png Hellbear - Ancient Rock Golem model.png Ancient Rock Golem -
Hill Troll Priest model.png Hill Troll Priest Ogre Bruiser model.png Ogre Bruiser - Hellbear Smasher model.png Hellbear Smasher Ancient Rumblehide model.png Ancient Rumblehide -
Vhoul Assassin model.png Vhoul Assassin - Ogre Frostmage model.png Ogre Frostmage Wildwing model.png Wildwing - Ancient Thunderhide model.png Ancient Thunderhide
Fell Spirit model.png Fell Spirit - Mud Golem model.png Mud Golem Wildwing Ripper model.png Wildwing Ripper Ancient Prowler Shaman model.png Ancient Prowler Shaman
Ghost model.png Ghost - Mud Golem model.png Shard Golem Dark Troll Summoner model.png Dark Troll Summoner
Harpy Scout model.png Harpy Scout - Hill Troll model.png Hill Troll -
Harpy Stormcrafter model.png Harpy Stormcrafter Dark Troll Summoner Skeleton Warrior model.png Skeleton Warrior -