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Craler was an elder blacksmith. Coming from a long line of blacksmiths, Craler continued the family tradition of finishing their prized creation. After eleven generations of folding and forging, he completed the sword that would eventually become the Manifold Paradox. Upon completion, its edge was so sharp, that it sliced through reality itself with a sound like tearing fabric. Through this tear, he saw an image of himself from moments before, holding the very same blade. Stricken with greed and madness, Craler cut down the image of himself and claimed the second sword as his own, not realizing that moments later, he himself would suffer the same wound, and die from his injuries.[1]

The Manifold Paradox was later acquired by Oracle, who then passed it on to Mortred.


  • The sound of fabric tearing when Craler first tried out the Manifold Paradox is a reference to the commonly used metaphor, fabric of reality.


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