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Court of Ristul
Associated With
Heroes Shadow Fiend minimap icon.png Shadow Fiend
Underlord minimap icon.png Underlord
Queen of Pain minimap icon.png Queen of Pain
Shadow Demon minimap icon.png Shadow Demon
Razor minimap icon.png Razor
Races Demons
Places Aziyog
Seven Hells
Narrow Maze
Characters Anessix
Cosmetics Eminence of Ristul

The Court of Ristul is a retinue of infernal beings who are representatives of their respective hells and the afterlife. They are led by prominent inhabitants of the Seven Hells and the afterlife that comes before it, such as the Narrow Maze.


The Court of Ristul is the link between the world of demons, the afterlife that leads to it, and the worlds outside of them. They are willing to hear out those who seek an audience with them, especially those desperate for power and other needs. The Court of Ristul strives upon the hopeless and desperate. From there, these people strip themselves of their morals and turn to the Court of Ristul to lend their unholy strength and resources.

It is from these people that the Court of Ristul gains their strength and influence upon the material plane. Those who seek an audience with the Court of Ristul do not undergo simple and mundane transactions. A representative of the court will claim their soul and place a mark upon them to signify their bond and allegiance to the court, usually gaining unholy powers in the process.

Although the Court of Ristul may appear to be a sign that even demons have etiquette and politics, it is not always the case. While demons do lack in morals, they do not lack a hierarchy. In the Court of Ristul, the balance of power is constantly shifting towards those who increase their influence. As self-centered and egotistical creatures, the demons of the court are always competing for power and influence over the Court of Ristul, even willing to put their own kin under their heel.

As of Artifact, the Court of Ristul is currently led by three demon lords: Shadow Fiend, Underlord, and B'Kor.


The Court of Ristul is represented by many entities. Some of their members have cults and followers and some simply represent the court on their own.

Narrow Maze[]

  • Razor minimap icon.png Razor: The Lightning Revenant is a member of the Court of Ristul, but he represents the afterlife known as the Narrow Maze.

The Seven Hells[]

  • Shadow Fiend minimap icon.png Shadow Fiend: Nevermore is currently among the three demon lords that rule over the Court of Ristul. He has a flock of disciples that resemble his form to carry out his bidding, such as making deals with mortals.
  • Underlord minimap icon.png Underlord: Vrogros is among the three demon lords that rule over the Court of Ristul. He also has a flock of disciples and worshippers to support his rule. During his time as a demon lord, he was already planning his invasion on Stonehall.
  • B'Kor: Brother to the succubus Akasha, B'Kor is one of the three demon lords ruling over the Court of Ristul. Like his fellow demon lords, he has a group of disciples to aid him. He is said to be the "master of ceremony" among them.
  • Shadow Demon minimap icon.png Shadow Demon: According to Dota Underlords, Shadow Demon is a member of the Court of Ristul.
  • Knogh: Knogh was once the heir of a powerful demon family, destined to rule over the Court of Ristul. He was forced into servitude in the mortal plane by Vanessa and with his absence, he was unable to fulfill his destiny. While his power waned in the realm of mortals, he did not lose his birthright, which was later given to Akasha who convinced him to transfer his power onto her.
  • Anessix: Anessix is an Earthbound demon with not much influence over the court. She is stressed with her debt of gold and souls to the Court of Ristul and does not possess much power compared to the greater demons of the court. However, she has great influence over White Spire as the Mistress of Secrets, revealing secrets and mysteries to those who seek power. Because of this, she has amassed a cult of worshippers who aid her control over Little Revtel, a large district located in White Spire.