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Compendium Emoticon Pack
Cosmetic icon Compendium Emoticon Pack.png
Tool 15861
Rarity: Mythical

Unlocks the 25 emoticons earned via the International Compendium.
Created By
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Compendium Emoticon Pack is given out to all players who own The International Compendium 2014. Once used, it unlocks the ability to use emoticons in the game and dashboard chat.


Chat code Preview
:doubledamage: Emoticon doubledamage.gif
:blush: Emoticon blush.gif
:cheeky: Emoticon cheeky.gif
:cool: Emoticon cool.gif
:crazy: Emoticon crazy.gif
:cry: Emoticon cry.gif
:disapprove: Emoticon disapprove.gif
:facepalm: Emoticon facepalm.gif
:happytears: Emoticon happytears.gif
:haste: Emoticon haste.gif
:hex: Emoticon hex.gif
:highfive: Emoticon highfive.gif
:huh: Emoticon huh.gif
:hush: Emoticon hush.gif
:illusion: Emoticon illusion.gif
:invisibility: Emoticon invisibility.gif
:laugh: Emoticon laugh.gif
:rage: Emoticon rage.gif
:regeneration: Emoticon regeneration.gif
:sad: Emoticon sad.gif
:sick: Emoticon sick.gif
:sleeping: Emoticon sleeping.gif
:smile: Emoticon smile.gif
:surprise: Emoticon surprise.gif
:wink: Emoticon wink.gif