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Commending a player on the Endgame screen

Commends are marks of positive feedback that players can give to each other.

General information[]

  • Commends can be given on the Endgame screen after a match to players on either side.
  • A chat notification will be sent to the player commended, along with the commending player's name.
  • Commends are displayed on the player's profile.
  • Each player may give out a total of ?? commends per week.
  • Commends affect a player's behavior score by ??.


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The commends window

Icon Type Description
Commend-icon1-friendly Friendly I think they are amiable.
Commend-icon2-forgiving Forgiving I think they are quite forgiving.
Commend-icon3-teaching Teaching I think they are a great teacher.
Commend-icon4-leadership Leadership I think they are a good leader.


  • Players used to be able to commend each other in chat rooms with no limits. This was later removed due to excessive commends trading.


  • Increased number of commends available per week.
  • Commends now provide a notification to the player that includes your name.
  • Fixed a bug where post-game commend and report options would not appear in some cases.
  • Reports and Commends can now only be sent in the post-game screen.
  • Added Conduct Summary popup, which tells you how many reports, abandons, and commends you have received in the past 25 games.
  • Fixed bug allowing more than the maximum reports/commends per week.
  • Spectator names can be clicked in the chat to commend them.
  • Added a commendation system, which allows you to commend players who made your game a happier experience, and report anyone being hostile. You can commend or report a player by clicking their name in the main menu, in-game scoreboard or end game score screen.

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