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Coaching gives players the ability to provide in-game guidance to other players in their party. It should be noted that upon completion of the game, the coach will not be eligible for item drops or battle points, however, players in game will benefit from any active battle bonuses the coach may have. Coaches do not get penalties or an abandon for leaving the match or being inactive either. They also will not get a party-abandon if a player in their party abandons. A coach's communications can only be seen by their students.


Coaches can:

  • Watch the game from a student's perspective, or move around the camera freely.
  • Ping the map and minimap.
  • Highlight elements of the HUD.
  • Indicate mouse clicks to the student.
  • Draw on the ground (similar to broadcaster and spectator modes).
  • Communicate privately with students by text and voice.
  • Provide guidance to an entire team of players.

Coaches cannot:

  • Gain map vision beyond what the teammates can see.
  • Communicate with players other than their students.


Coaching is available in private lobbies, casual matchmaking, and Co-op bot matchmaking, but not Ranked matchmaking, Team matchmaking, or Tournament lobbies.


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