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Regular attacks[]



Battery Assault[]

  • ▶️ Loop sound starts playing upon cast, until Battery Assault stops (50% vol)
  • Launch sounds play on each released shrapnel
  • ▶️ Impact sound plays a split second after launch sound when the shrapnels hit a unit (80%-100% vol)
  • ▶️ Full sound example without any enemy hit
  • ▶️ Full sound example with each shrapnel hitting

Power Cogs[]

  • ▶️ Plays on Clockwerk's location upon cast and lasts until all spawned cogs are gone
  • ▶️ Shock sound plays when a unit gets shocked by a cog
  • ▶️ Destroy sound plays when a cog gets destroyed with attacks (expiring does not play a sound)

Rocket Flare[]

  • ▶️ Plays on Clockwerk upon cast.
  • ▶️ Loop sound starts playing upon cast, until the rocket reaches the targeted area and explodes
  • ▶️ Plays at the targeted location when the rocket explodes
  • ▶️ Full sound example


  • ▶️ Plays on Clockwerk upon cast
  • ▶️ Plays on the latched target. This causes the cast sound to stop
  • ▶️ Plays on Clockwerk while he moves to the latched target
  • ▶️ Plays on the target upon taking damage and stun. This causes the retract sound to stop
  • ▶️ Full sound example



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