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Heroes Faceless Void minimap icon.png Faceless Void
Puck minimap icon.png Puck
Factions Dhreg Cult
Gods Clasz
Artifacts Claszureme Hourglass
Cosmetics Viridi Inanitas Set

Claszureme is a realm outside of time, named after the god Clasz. It is often characterized by its "infinite halls".[1] To enter Claszureme, one must have a strong understanding of the teachings of Clasz.[2] What relation, if any, Claszureme has to the Seven Planes is unknown. The space between Claszureme and other realms is incredibly cold.[3] To fully understand the mysteries of Claszureme, one must dedicate oneself to its "dimensional defense". What this entails precisely is unknown.[4]

Chronite, a mineral that exists outside of time, can be found on the edges of Claszureme. Jewels that manipulate time can be found as well, although they are rare.[5] The Claszureme Hourglass likely also comes from this realm.

Nezzureme, an unknown entity, is likely related to Claszureme.


Clasz rules over Claszureme. The Dhreg Cult is likely based somewhere in Claszureme, and preaches from the many chapels located within the realm.[6]

Darkterror hails from Claszureme, and is able to pass through the realm by tearing a hole in time.[7] He is also able to open a rift to Claszureme, trapping and pausing time for all things within a dimensional bubble.[8] Beings traveling to the normal realm from Claszureme often arrive in uncertain timelines, and require guidance to avoid being lost in time.[9] Puck has been to Claszureme, where he learned that Darkterror is not wanted in the realm, and many of its inhabitants are glad to see him depart to the mortal realm.[10]

According to Darkterror, unknown forces in Claszureme will visit unpleasant consequences upon him if he fails to attain victory in the mortal dimension.[11] When he is defeated, he returns to Claszureme.[12] Darkterror also appears to reference a number of gods, but no further detail is given.[13]


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