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Chronoptic Crystals
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Heroes Leshrac minimap icon.png Leshrac
Places Heart of Nature
Cosmetics Tormented Staff
Tormented Crown
Chronoptic energy bursts from one plane to another, evaporating anything it touches.
Say that again?

The Chronoptic Crystals is a crystal that is oft mentioned in Leshrac's lore.


Let us first look into the strange unfamiliar word "Chronoptic", which is not recognized by any dictionary, to understand what this crystal really is. The word "Chronoptic" is a blend of two words: "chrono-" (or "chron-" when used after a vowel) and "optic". This means that the Chronoptic Crystals allow the user to see through time. Because of its ability to see through time, it allows those who peer into them to see or even access the heart of all creation, and so far it is the only item that's able to do just that.[1]

Despite their name, the Chronoptic Crystals may not look like crystals at all. Granted, some depictions of these crystals (like the crystals of Leshrac's body) are correct with their facets being smooth and shiny and whatnot, but lately these crystals also look like twisted wood in later depictions of these crystals in cosmetics.[2][3]

According to Leshrac's bio, the Crystals are said to be haunted. They may be haunted because those who look into these crystals are continuously haunted by visions of nature's heart, just like how Leshrac cannot ignore the agonizing truth of nature that he saw in these crystals.[4]

Chronoptic Energy[]

With slow motion, a bright burst of yellow, orange, and pink Chronoptic energy can be seen in Split Earth.

These crystals sparkle with Chronoptic energies. Its colors range from yellow and orange to pink and purple. Colored with the aforementioned colors, this energy may look like electricity or twinkling light, but some manifestations of Chronoptic energy look like smooth purple orbs containing yellow-orange energy that bursts from within before the orbs crumble and dissipate.

This energy is present in almost all of Leshrac's abilities. When used during battle, Leshrac can destroy the ground with a burst of Chronoptic energies in Split Earth, permeate the area around him with multiple bursts and orbs of Chronoptic energy that can evaporate anything that it touches with a Diabolic Edict that spreads the same torment that afflicts Leshrac to others,[5] and manipulate the very structure of space-time with the Chronoptic energy waves of Pulse Nova.

Orbs of Chronoptic energy surround Leshrac during Diabolic Edict.

Outside of battle, this energy nourishes the crown of Chronoptic Crystals on Leshrac's head. The Crystals on his head source their nourishment from the waves of energy that passes through his warped mind. Their energies may flow out of the crystals themselves, forming the orbs that fly out of the back of these woeful spires.[3]

These twisted crystals can be fashioned into a wicked staff with the power to inflict eternal torment on anyone unfortunate enough to cross their fate line with this staff. Apparently, the shard of Chronoptic Crystal on the staff allows it to call upon their sister crystals, summoning even more crystals from the ground below.[2]

Notable Entities[]


Leshrac minimap icon.png Leshrac is the only person connected to these crystals. All the information about these crystals come from his own lore.



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