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Cheese is a consumable Kill Reward item that can be dropped by Roshan icon Roshan on his second death and onwards.

Roshan Drop
Cheese icon
Made from the milk of a long lost Furbolg vendor, it restores the vitality of those who taste it.
Roshan Drop
Cost -
Sell Value 500 Gold  / Count
Stacks NO LIMIT / Inventory Slot
Active Fondue
Charges 1 INIT
Bonus ?
Shareable No
Usage Alert ? No
Kill Rewards
Block of Cheese

Additional Information[]

  • On his second death and onwards, Roshan icon Roshan drops the Cheese as a second item if he was slain in the Dire pit. In the Radiant pit, he drops a Roshan's Banner icon Roshan's Banner instead.
  • Although Cheese cannot be bought, it can be sold for 500 Gold. However, only the hero whose main inventory it enters first can sell it.
  • If a Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon Courier is the first unit to pick up the Cheese, it cannot be sold by anyone, even if it remains on the Courier or is given to a hero afterwards.
  • If a Cheese directly enters a backpack when picked up, it remains sellable by anyone until it enters any unit's main inventory.
  • Unlike the Aegis of the Immortal icon Aegis of the Immortal, Cheese is not reclaimed by Roshan icon Roshan.


Cheese top bar indicator

Top bar icons showing which heroes have Cheese, visible to spectators only. Has lower priority than the icons of Aegis of the Immortal icon Aegis of the Immortal and Smoke of Deceit icon Smoke of Deceit.

No Target
Instantly restores 2500 health and 1500 mana.
Health Restored: 2500
Mana Restored: 1500
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol


  • Before Cheese, this item was named "Hunk of Cheese" and before that, it was named "Furbolg Cheese", which matches the item's current lore.
  • When selecting Roshan, this item can be seen in his inventory.


Recent Changes[]

Main Article: Cheese/Changelogs
  • Roshan icon Roshan now drops Cheese icon Cheese from the third death onwards instead of the second.
  • Roshan icon Roshan now drops Cheese icon Cheese from the second death onwards instead of the third.