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Charm of the Sculptor's Pillar
Cosmetic icon Charm of the Sculptor's Pillar.png
Misc 11457
Rarity: Mythical

Use this charm at the start of an All Pick match to predict that your team will emerge victorious. Correctly predict 3 victories to earn a Treasure of the Sculptor's Pillar. Make 2 incorrect predictions and the charm will turn into a Charm Fragment item for use with Item Recycling. Any resulting items are subject to the same trade restrictions as the Sculptor's Pillar.

This charm can be used at the beginning of an All Pick match to predict your team's victory. Upon three successful predictions, this item will transform into a Sculptor's Pillar 2015. Two incorrect predictions will instead leave you with one or two Charm Fragments.



Predictions Rewards
2 Incorrect One to three:
3 Correct