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Upheaval channeling.

Channeling causes the caster to stop acting for the duration of the the ability.

Channeled abilities may be ended early when the channeling unit performs another action or is interrupted by another ability or disables. While abilities are being channeled, a time remaining bar will appear on the screen, indicating how much time is left in the channel. Silence stops ability channeling, while Mute stops item channeling.

Interrupting Channeled Abilities[]

Performing the following actions while channeling abilities will interrupt the channel:

  • Issuing another command (i.e. to move, Keyboard White Mouse Left.png Left Click on ground, stop, attack, A on target).
  • Casting other abilities or using items (with certain exceptions).
  • Any disables that would normally prevent a unit from casting abilities.

If the channel is interrupted before the ability's effects occur, the mana and cooldown will be wasted, and the ability's effect will be cut short, and in some cases will not perform their effects at all. This is in contrast to other, non-channeled abilities with high cast times (e.g. Assassinate and Requiem of Souls) which will not expend mana or go on cooldown until the ability has been completed. Certain channeled abilities (e.g. Illuminate and Powershot) will still perform their effect even if they are canceled, usually at the cost of damage.

Any disable that would normally prevent a unit from casting the spell in question will also interrupt channeling. This includes stuns, cyclones, hexes, sleeps, and getting hidden. Though they do not prevent casting, most root effects will also interrupt channeling. Silence will interrupt channeling from abilities only, while mute will interrupt channeling from items.

Some abilities that applies Forced Movement (e.g. Vacuum or X Marks the Spot) will interrupt channeling as well, even if used on friendly units; however, other abilities like Force Staff icon.png Force Staff and Boulder Smash, will not interrupt channeling, apply forced movement and not causing an interrupt state.

Usable Abilities While Channeling[]

Toggle-able (On / Off) abilities and abilities granting invisibility generally do not interrupt channeling. The following is a list of abilities that are usable while channeling.

* Note that even though these items do not interrupt channeling upon cast, their effects after cast (i.e. self-silence) may still interrupt the channeling.

Channeled Abilities[]

Channeled abilities require the caster to stay still while the ability is active.

1 Requires Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter.
2 Requires Aghanim's Shard icon.png Aghanim's Shard.

Version History[]

  • Added a new option to require stop or hold command to interrupt own channeling abilities.

Patch History[]

  • Fixed status resistance affecting the duration of the next cast of channeled abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where non-stun interrupts did not reliably cancel channeled abilities if cast an instant before the end of the channel.
  • Fixed a case where channeling would not be interrupted correctly with a non-stun interruption on the very last tick of the channeling duration.