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Chains of Abscession
Feast of Abscession Preview 8.jpg
Associated With
Heroes Pudge minimap icon.png Pudge
Places Cathedral of Rumusque
Gods Dead God
Characters Crella
Cosmetics Feast of Abscession

The Chains of Abscession are a set of artifacts forged many centuries ago by Crella, a priestess from the Cathedral of Rumusque. They were originally enchanted, and intended to restrain the most powerful servants of the Dead God, but became corrupted by the Dirge, and fell under the Dead God's control. The chains apparently took on some form of autonomous sentience, and proceeded to destroy Crella's homeland under the new master's command.[1] They appear to dislike other gods,[2] and have a particular hunger for the enemies of the Dead God, such as Anti-Mage.[3]

Encounter with Pudge[]

Pudge, having been banished to an unknown place, encountered the Chains of Abscession inside a crevice in the ground.[4] At first, the Chains attacked him, but eventually became part of his arsenal. It now serves to aid Pudge in his slaughter and butchery.[5] The Dead God considers Pudge's acquisition of the Chains an act of thievery, and demands their return.[6] Pudge, however, enjoys the company of the Chains, and refuses to give them back.[7]



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