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Centaurs are a race of four-legged beings. Their upper halves resemble a horned man, while their lower halves are that of a horse. Most inhabit the land of Druud. Some centaurs have light skin, while others have blue skin.[1] Their hides are thick, enough to deflect attacks.[2] Beings like Leshrac minimap icon.png Leshrac or Magnus minimap icon.png Magnus are similar to centaurs in appearance, but not considered centaurs.


The centaurs of Druud are organized into clans, of which only one is known by name, the Warstomp Clan.[3] The Marrowfell Hunters may be another clan, although this is uncertain.[4] The clans were formed at the Clanfounding, presided over by the Elder Greyhoofs.[5]

Centaurs of the clans may find outsider centaurs strange, suggesting a rift in culture.[6]


Despite having no written language, music, or formal religion, centaurs have developed a sophisticated culture around combat, which they believe to be an art, and the highest form of expression.[7] Indeed, it is believed by many centaurs that the road to glory is paved with dead enemies.[8] Braiding their tails before battle,[9] centaurs seek to have their names remembered by through conquest.[10]

The centaurs participate in gladiatorial rites, gathering in particular at the arena of Omexe, and ancient proving ground where warriors from the clans have competed for millennia. The champion of this contest is awarded the Great Belt of Omexe, worn around the torso. Its most recent recipient is Bradwarden, the Centaur Warrunner minimap icon.png Centaur Warrunner, who defeated every challenger until he alone remained standing in the arena.[7] In addition, those victorious in the arena have the right to take the weapons of any they vanquish.[11] The Centaurs' preferred weapons are axes, maces, halberds, and flails.[1][12][13]

Prized above all is the Gloried Horn of Druud, an enchanted relic that, when sounded, calls all the centaurs of Druud to battle. It is carefully guarded by the Warrunner and the clan vanguards.[5]

A fierce and free people, the centaurs forbid its members from ever wearing a saddle, although stylish caprisons are permitted, and admired.[14]


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