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Heroes Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight
Characters Uldorak
Tansis XIII
Tansis XII
Dowager Queen Tansis XII
Cosmetics Uldorak's Hide Set

Candoness is a kingdom in the Dota 2 world. The current king of Candoness is Tansis XIII.[1] His father is Tansis XII, who passed away before his son's coronation. His mother is Dowager Queen Tansis XII. The kings of Candoness wear the Candonite Crown.[2]


Uldorak was a fearsome dragon who forced the people of Candoness to pay tribute each time a new monarch was crowned. On the day of Tansis XIII's coronation, Sir Davion, the Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight ambushed and killed the unsuspecting dragon, thereby earning the gratitude of the royal family.[1]


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