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Burning Cabal
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The Burning Cabal is a sorcerer's organization in the world of Dota 2.


As their name implies, this Burning Cabal is a secret and esoteric organization. This magical clique is composed of invokers who specialize in and favor the manipulation of Exort's fiery elements, manipulating no other sorcery or magic discipline than that.[1][2]



Reflecting their preferred arcane element, this Burning Cabal's own uniforms burn with Exort's red color. It consists of a long decorated cape, a massive collar integrated with shoulder pieces and a band that secures it on the wearer, and protective bracers.

The collar is the war-crest of the Burning Cabal and an identification of the wearer as one who specializes in Exort. Them having war-crests implies that they partake in conflicts.[2]

Exort is very dangerous as it burns with no discrimination. Their bracers are imbued with minor fire resistance enchantments to protect them as they wield it with a delicate touch.[3]

Notable Members[]

Those of the Burning Cabal are referred to as "invokers" twice in the lore, suggesting that they can use the magical art of invoking.[1][2]


Invoker minimap icon.png Invoker is a member of the Burning Cabal, his membership assured by his mastery of Exort. Alongside their crimson uniform,[1][2] Carl also wore a stylish topknot.[4]