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▶️ Buluphont's Aureal Incapacitator!
Invoker invokes Buluphont's name when using one of his spells

Buluphont is a character in the lore of Dota 2.


This entity must've been the creator, or at least was involved in, the creation of the Deafening Blast, since it's also known as "Buluphont's Aureal Incapacitator."[1][2] Since Buluphont had something to do with this spell, Buluphont is likely a magician.

Seeing how the young Invoker (who existed during the ancient days when magic was once at its most potent form because it was still primarily a mnemonic art) learned this Deafening Blast spell alongside his nine other invocations, wielding them all with the rare and ancient sorcery of invoking, Buluphont must have existed during this golden age of magic as well & thus this obscure magician must've been an ancient one too. Also, Buluphont must've been a quasi-immortal like these ancient mages are.[3]



In his youth, the Invoker minimap icon.png Invoker learned Buluphont's Deafening Blast alongside the nine other spells he currently wields, using all three orbs to invoke this spell for casting.

Other Characteristics[]


Much like the Invoker, Buluphont must have had this ability to Invoke icon.png Invoke spells and the energies of Quas icon.png Quas, Wex icon.png Wex, and Exort icon.png Exort to cast invocations. Otherwise, Buluphont would not be able to use the Deafening Blast (also known as Buluphont's Aureal Incapacitator[2]), a spell that's invoked using one of each the three elemental magic orbs.[4]

Using all three elements at once,[5][6] this spell unleashes a mighty sonic wave that deafens those caught in its blast, leaving them reeling from this attack.[7][8][9]


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