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Bronze Legion
Associated with
Heroes Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander
Underlord minimap icon.png Underlord
Races Human
Factions Abyssal Horde
Red Mist
Places Stonehall
Characters Marcus
Emperor Galanius
Urthic Laste
Artifacts Bullsnake Flag
Texts Death Bounty
Traditions Last Strike

The Bronze Legion is one of the military divisions of Stonehall, its main functions include national defense[1] and conquest. It has a fearsome reputation,[2] and its commander is Tresdin.[3] The colors of the Bronze Legion are red and gold.


The Bronze Legion is a diverse motley of soldiers from different backgrounds united under the common goal of fighting for Stonehall. Besides the obvious presence of humans within the Legion, there is also the Vhoul, the Ogres, the Satyrs, the Odobenus, and even Radiant creeps among their vast ranks.

It is said that their hallmark trait is discipline, and their soldiers are always training when outside of combat.[4]


In the armories of the Bronze Legion's infantry, the light legionnaires have access to various one-handed swords, pikes,[4] spears, bows and arrows,[5] boetian/aspis shields, razor nets, clubs that bear the Bullsnake symbol as its head, battleaxes, etc. Heavier troops such as the ogres are given massive clubs, warhammers, and the same shields. Their equipment may be forged by Stonehall's blacksmiths[6] or from mercenary Smeevils, who forge weapons and armor for whatever side requests their service.

During the siege on Roseleaf, the Bronze Legion defended the walls from the ladders of Oglodi siegemasters and other Oglodi who may scale the walls by pouring burning oil on those who attempted escalades.[7] Alongside several other poorly constructed battlements in Roseleaf, the Bronze Legion utilized lodestones, but were sabotaged by Lorlin Lasan of the Jasper Circle (on behalf of the Red Mist) who managed to turn their defenses against them. The result was the lodestone's magnetism pulling nearby armored soldiers towards it, destroying the poorly built defenses and restraining the poor troops caught in it.[8] They also have access to what appears to be a primitive tank or siege engine.


Transgression in Tares[]

The neighboring kingdom of Tares spent centuries maintaining their deference to their Stonehall colonizers. Many centuries of servitude have passed and the Taresian nobles finally found it necessary to strike back against them, secretly negotiating to amass an army of poor soldiers and cheap mercenaries who have all been motivated with the whispered promises of golden plunder and a life free of the Stonehall tyrant's legions.

Word of their rebellion has somehow reached the intelligence of Stonehall, prompting Emperor Galanius to dispatch the Bronze Legion. The incumbent Legion Commander Tresdin and her subordinates Marcus and Rix were sent to destroy the meager opposition and bring the conspirators to justice.

Fled to Filedo[]

Tresdin, Marcus, Rix, and the rest of the selected Bronze Legion chase after the remaining Taresian nobles who have fled for Filedo using the battle waged in their lands as a distraction.


Led by Tresdin, the Bronze Legion attempted to hold off the Red Mist army at Roseleaf. Details are scarce, save for hints that Tresdin made poor decisions and may have initiated the fight, resulting in disaster for the Bronze Legion.[9] After the battle, the Bullsnake Flag was found at the site by Mireska, which may be legion's emblem.[10]


When Stonehall came under attack by the Underlord minimap icon.png Underlord and his Abyssal Horde, the Bronze Legion was the only division near enough to come to the city's aid. Although Tresdin was able to drive back the demonic invaders, the Bronze Legion was largely destroyed in the battle.[3]

Stonehall Elite[]

The Stonehall Elite is a subdivision of the Bronze Legion. It was created by Belasanno after Rix betrayed the Bronze Legion.[1]

Artifact Card Game Artifact[]

Character References

  • ▶️ Axe minimap icon.png Axe feels he could take on the entire Bronze Legion.
  • ▶️ Dark Seer minimap icon.png I would be better suited to lead the Bronze Legion.


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