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Known Bugs


Brewmaster's default weapon and vest items are missing backfaces
Brewmaster's default weapon item and default body item are missing backfaces. The weapon has a clearly visible hole on it even from the default in-game camera, and the vest can be seen through in the loadout and in showcase view.
12 June 2017

Thunder Clap[]

Thunder Clap uses creep duration vs creep-heroes instead of hero duration
Usually, when a spell has a hero duration and a creep duration, it uses the hero duration for creep-heroes. But Thunder Clap uses the creep-duration for creep-heroes.
12 June 2017

Drunken Brawler[]

Drunken Brawler's ensured crit malfunctions when attack-canceling
When Brewmaster cancels his attacks too often (at least 3 times quickly), the ensured critical strike does not work. Since it is supposed to be a guaranteed critical hit, it should apply on the next executed attack, no matter how many times attacks were canceled.
12 June 2017

Drunken Brawler's ensured crit gets wasted upon attacking allies, buildings or wards
The ensured critical strike triggers on units which Drunken Brawler cannot crit, and thus gets wasted. This is akin to casting a spell on an invalid target, and should therefore happen. Drunken Brawler's critical strike should not go on cooldown upon attacking allies, wards or buildings.
12 June 2017

Drunken Brawler's particle effects are not disabled by Break
When affected by Break, Drunken Brawler continues to emit particle effects on Brewmaster (on his weapon whent he crit is ready and on his body when the evasion is ready) as if its ensured effects are usable on the next attack. Break should turn off the particle effects temporarily.
16 June 2017

Primal Split[]

Box-selecting the Primal Split brewlings doesn't always put Earth first
The order of his elements is sometimes messed up. It sometimes selects Brewmaster Storm minimap icon.png Storm over Brewmaster Earth minimap icon.png Earth, while it should always select Earth over Storm. Brewmaster Fire minimap icon.png Fire is correctly always the last. Instead of always being Earth->Storm->Fire, it sometimes is Storm->Earth-Fire.
16 June 2017

Primal Split's periodic moving of Brewmaster can be canceled by teleports
During Primal Split, Brewmaster is periodically moved along with Earth, when Earth is dead, along Storm and when Storm is dead as well, along Fire, so that auras follow the element he currently follows, he gets experience around the element he currently follows and so that he respawns at the element's position he followed the last upon expiring. However, this periodic movement can be canceled, by teleporting effects which can teleport invulnerable and hidden units, like Holy Persuasion, Relocate, Dark Rift, and Glimpse. This teleporting causes the all the previously mentioned effects to get canceled. The auras are no longer applied around the element he follows, he no longer gains experience around the element he follows and he no longer re-appears at the element's position upon expiring.
16 June 2017

When Primal Split ends during Walrus Punch/Kick, Brewmaster's facing angle is messed up
When Primal Split expires, Brewmaster's facing angle is set equal to the element he respawns on. This includes the z direction. Walrus PUNCH! and Walrus Kick change the target's z direction as well, to create that rotating effect, so when expiring during it, Brewmaster may face up/downwards, or even backwards.
16 June 2017

Brewmaster does not re-appear exactly at Earth's location upon expiring
When Primal Split expires, Brewmaster is supposed to re-appear in Earth's place (if Earth is dead, in Storm's place and if Storm is dead as well, in Fire's place). However, he appears slightly offset, by about 50-60 range, when re-appearing on Earth, or on Storm without Wind Walk active. It works fine when re-appearing on Fire, or on Storm during Wind Walk, due to the phased movement.
16 June 2017

Primal Split brewlings' minimap icons don't disappear immediately on death
When a Primal Split brewling dies, or when the spell expires, the minimap icon of the brewling does not immediately disappear. They linger on the map for 7-8 seconds before they disappear. When a unit dies, its minimap icon/dot should disappear immediately.
16 June 2017

Rubick does not get de-selected when casting Primal Split
When casting Primal Split, the caster is supposed to get deselected. Attempting to select the caster in any way should instantly deselect it and select all 3 brewlings (which are alive). This is how it works for Brewmaster. But for Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick, he neither gets de-selected on cast, nor is selecting him after the cast redirect the selection onto the brewlings.
16 June 2017

Elements lose their scepter legecy key usage after 7.07 patch
Attempt to use Thunder Clap on Earth, or Drunken Haze on Storm, it shows "Ability Not Active" error message.
14 November 2017
Thread missing


Primal Split Earth gets stuck when Primal Split splits during knockbacks
The Earth element cannot move after Primal Split resolves during a non-disabling knockback, which makes it pretty much useless, and also easier to kill. The knockback effect instantly cancels the periodic movement of Primal Split on Brewmaster, so that he gets stuck on the Earth element, rendering it unable to move.
16 June 2017

Hurl Boulder is not reflected back to Earth by spell reflection
Lotus Orb icon.png Lotus Orb and Counterspell are supposed to reflect projectile-based spells, even when the original caster is spell immune. The projectile would then fizzle (or apply its AoE effect if it has one) on them when still spell immune on impact, but would fully affect them if the immunity wears off before impact. But Earth's Hurl Boulder does not follow this rule. Instead, it does not get reflected at all.
Other spells with this bug are Adaptive Strike, Rod of Atos icon.png Rod of Atos' Cripple and Mud Golem icon.png Mud Golem's Hurl Boulder.
16 June 2017

Primal Split Earth uses Thunder Clap cast animation as death animation
The Earth element from Primal Split currently uses its Thunder Clap cast animation as its death animation, instead of using its actual death animation.
16 June 2017


Wind Walk's backstab applies to every hit during the fade time without breaking the invisibility
Wind Walk applies its damage to every hit during its fade times, without breaking the invisibility, allowing the player to apply its damage multiple times per cast. The damage is supposed to apply only to the attack which breaks the invisibility.
Vendetta, Shadow Walk and Shadow Blade icon.png Shadow Blade also have this bug.
12 June 2017

Storm Cyclone can be cast on Roshan, wasting mana/cd & causing audio bug
When Storm casts Cyclone on Roshan icon.png Roshan, its looping sound gets stuck on Roshan permanently. This is because the duration gets reduced to 0 due to his 100% disable resistance, which prevents the loop sound to be destroyed.
12 June 2017

Primal Split Storm Drunken Haze animation doesn't match the cast time
The Storm element from Primal Split did not get its Drunken Haze cast animation adapted to the reduced cast time values. The animation is still timed to fit a 0.4 second cast time, but Drunken Haze has a cast time of 0.2.
Furthermore, Drunken Haze has an attachment issue. When cast by Storm, the projectile gets launched from its feet/ground center. It should get launched from its hands.
12 June 2017

Storm's minimap icon is broken, has its left ear cut off
Since the Reborn update, the Storm element's minimap icon is broken. It is cut off on the right side, missing an ear.
12 June 2017


Fire's Permanent Immolation is not disabled by Break
Permanent Immolation is a regular passive ability, but is not disabled by Break. It should be disabled like other passive abilities do.
12 June 2017

The Primal Split Fire element has lost its bracers
The 3 Primal Split elements used to have bracers. Earth and Storm still have their bracers, but the Fire element lost its bracers. This happened on the Reborn update.
12 June 2017

Cosmetic items[]

The Red Dragon set's shoulder pieces are missing back face
In showcase view, the shoulder parts of the Red Dragon set become invisible when viewed from a lower angle.
12 June 2017

The Drunken Warlord set's backslot item is missing back face
In the Hero Loadout, and in showcase view, several gaps can be seen around the skirt of The Drunken Warlord Set.
12 June 2017

The Triumph of Four Corners set's scarf & shoulders are missing back face
In the hero loadout and in showcase view, the scarf and shoulder pieces of the Triumph of the Four Corners set are invisible when viewed from the sides.
12 June 2017

The Red Dragon Set shows its intern text string name in its description, instead of its actual item description
The Red Dragon set's description currently reads "#DOTA_Item_Desc_Copy_of_Red_Dragon"
12 June 2017