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  • Bounty Rune minimap icon.png Bounty Rune
    • Initially at the 0:00 minute mark, all rune spots spawn Bounty Runes, including the rune spots in the river.
    • After this, Bounty Runes spawn every 3rd minute mark (3:00, 6:00, 9:00, etc.) at the dedicated rune spots within the jungles of each team.
    • Bounty Runes never despawn. If they are not picked up before the next ones spawn, the new runes spawn next to the old ones.
    • Trusty Shovel icon.png Trusty Shovel may dig up a Bounty Rune as one of its rewards.
    • Pirate Hat icon.png Pirate Hat spawns a Bounty Rune after its channel time.


No Target
Self / Allies
Grants bonus Gold.
Initial Spawn Team Gold: 40
Following Spawn Base Team Gold: 36
Following Spawn Extra Team Gold per Interval: 9
Extra Team Gold Interval: 300
Cooldown: 0


  • The initial runes spawning at the 0:00 minute mark give a fixed amount of 40 Gold gold to each player.
  • Following Bounty Runes grant a base amount of 36 Gold, plus 9 Gold extra gold for every 5 minutes past.
    • When bottling a Bounty Rune, it grants gold based on the time at which it is activated, not bottled.
  • Using a stored Bounty Rune with Bottle only grant 2 charges.
  • Grants reliable gold to each player of the team that picks it up.
  • An over-head text shows how much gold was given exactly. This number is not visible to enemies.
  • When gaining gold from a Bounty Rune, a small golden particle effect briefly bursts from the player, visible to everyone.
  • In Turbo Mode, the gold given by Bounty Runes is doubled, despite the notification message showing standard values.

Total Team Gold[]

Time (min) Gold per hero Total Gold
Σ Gold Gold per rune Σ Gold Gold 2 runes
0 (Initial) 40 Gold 200 Gold 400 Gold
5 45 Gold 225 Gold 450 Gold
10 54 Gold 270 Gold 540 Gold
20 72 Gold 360 Gold 720 Gold
30 90 Gold 450 Gold 900 Gold
40 108 Gold 540 Gold 1080 Gold
50 126 Gold 630 Gold 1260 Gold
60 144 Gold 720 Gold 1440 Gold
70 162 Gold 810 Gold 1620 Gold
80 180 Gold 900 Gold 1800 Gold
90 198 Gold 990 Gold 1980 Gold
100 216 Gold 1080 Gold 2160 Gold