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Bounty Hunter's Fat Haul
Cosmetic icon Bounty Hunter's Fat Haul
Bundle 20049
Rarity: Rare
Slot: Pack

Includes all of the items for Bounty Hunter released up to August 2012
Not available
Bounty Hunter's Fat Haul
Pangolin Shoulder Armor
Shuriken of the Hidden Hunter
Harvester of the Hidden Hunter
Cleaver of the Hidden Hunter
Hardened Hunter's Bracer
Hardened Hunter's Armor
Creeper's Cruel Painsaw
Creeper's Cruel Hook
Creeper's Cruel Shuriken
Hardened Hunter's Mask
Pangolin Carapace
Pangolin Scarf
Shuriken of the Reaper
Bladed-Staff of the Reaper
Makeshift Sword of the Reaper
Master Assassin's Shuriken
Master Assassin's Tails
Master Assassin's Shoulders
Master Assassin's Mask
Master Assassin's Mancatcher
Master Assassin's Grim Cutter
Trap Jaw

Set Items

Bounty Hunter's Fat Haul
Bounty Hunter's Fat Haul